Happy Birthday Whisky Boys, Aged 1 Year

Happy Birthday Whisky Boys, Aged 1 Year.1st-birthday-cake

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah – can you believe it the Whisky Boys are a year old. On looking through the website – its been a busy old year. To commemorate this first birthday the “Boys” will be celebrating with a tasting of The Glenlivet Nadurra Aged 16 Years . Over the next few days we are going to have a go at making a Whisky jelly – we already have the recipe for Whisky Ice-cream (all birthday parties have ice-cream and jelly) – so keep checking for our update.

The plan for the next year of Whisky Boys, is to continue our great tasting sessions, checking out distilleries, visiting Whisky festivals/events/shops/pubs and keep the recipes coming. As you are no doubt aware Christmas is coming, so hopefully we will be able to suggest some special drams for presents and sipping, not to mention a toast for the New Year.

The Whisky Boys have enjoyed a good year, developed lots of valuable contacts and hopefully have enlightened many of you to the delights of Whisky and hopefully convinced you that Whisky is no longer just the drink for older men. It has really been interesting to discover that Whisky and particularly Malts are the preferred choice of many women – who said that heels and “half’s” don’t mix.

Some of our highlights have been Islay Malt and Music Festival, Auchentoshan Festival, Bladnoch’s Folk and Jazz Festival, Arran Malt Whisky tastings with Celine, Whisky Live in Glasgow, visit to Bushmills Distillery in N. Ireland, the naming of the new foal Whisky Boy these are but a few of our special days and we look forward to having more of this quality in or 2nd year.

It is always sad to see the end of the summer, and watch the leaves fall, but with the darker, cooler days the Whisky Boys will be getting a roaring coal fire going, put on some stirring music and pour a couple of amber drams to keep the chill at bay.

We hope you have enjoyed our first year and look forward to your continued support and communications.

Once again we thank all those who provided hospitality and an extra insight into the wonderful world of Whisky making.

Cheers from

The Whisky Boys, Jim, Dougie and Nicola

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  1. mike says:

    Happy Birthday. Was a pleasure to meet you last week. Hope that wee Highland Park was worth every penny @ the SMWS.

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