SMWS Whiskies That Sparkle Selection

July has started with a bang with the SMWS The Vaults opening up it’s courtyard for members to have a dram – it’s been a long time coming.

The SMWS Whiskies That Sparkle selection of whiskies follows on from the SMWS The Vaults Collection and the SMWS Solstice Selection of whiskies released earlier this year.

SMWS Whiskies That Sparkle Selection below:

SMWS 7.242 Magical Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust

52.1% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 26yo ~ Speyside

This was meditative, maybe even soporific but certainly marvellous – this will teach you the miracle of mindfulness! Strawberries and cream, elderflower syrup drizzled over blueberry pancakes as well as soft, sweet, juicy ripe… read more



SMWS 138.4 Autumn Leaves on Smouldering Bonfires

Autumn Leaves on Smouldering Bonfires

55.3% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 5yo ~ Taiwan

The nose wafted peat smoke and smouldering beach bonfires; also malting floors, coffee grinds and hints of powdered spice – cherry and banana sweetness lifted it up. The smoke was definitely sweeter on the palate; we also got gulab jamuns and white…. read more


SMWS 41.134 Horn of Plenty

Horn of Plenty

56.6% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 11yo ~ Speyside

A cornucopia of aromas; hazelnut coffee with a sweet amaretto biscuit, baked apple pie, Jamaican ginger cake, old fashioned dunnage warehouse and a hint of tobacco. Very juicy on the palate neat with plenty of heat like ginger-spiced…. read more


SMWS 50.113 Tropical Goodies in a Stately Home

Tropical Goodies in a Stately Home

50.4% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 30yo ~ Lowland

A complex and venerable nose – undeniable tropical fruits; gorse flowers, old-fashioned sweetie shops, potpourri, tiger balm and waxed jackets – eventually we were sipping old Sauternes in a freshly polished stately home. More tropical fruits appeared on the palate – dried papaya…. read more


SMWS 53.336 Fruitcake "Islay-Style"


60.7% ~ 1st Fill Barrique ~ 8yo ~ Islay

Initially – smoked Tabasco sauce and burnt salted caramel but with time we had cold smoked salmon on a piece of heavily toasted bread with a sweet and spicy horseradish dressing. On the palate – a barrage of dry smoke, hot and peppery… read more


SMWS 85.62 Geranium Jalfrezi


57.3% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 13yo ~ Speyside

An inviting waft of gentle buttery cereal notes, green melon, lime leaf, canvas, sorrel, mint tea and some floral aspect such as geraniums and carnations in vase water. A like of fresh ginger bring warmth. Water brings out powdered chalk, hessian, clover… read more