SMWS Outturn April 2021

SMWS Outturn April 2021 is now live.

Elevate Your Flavour Frontier – The Scotch Malt Whisky Society release (outturn) several single cask bottlings of Scotch, Whisk(e)y, Rum and Gin, to name a few, usually on the first Friday of every month. Below is a full list of what the Elevate Your Flavour Frontier SMWS April 2021 outturn has to offer. The Elevate Your Flavour Frontier SMWS April 2021 outturn is being released on Friday 2nd April 2021, however, the first 5 bottles below are being released as a preview at 1600 hours on Friday 26th March 2021.

The full list of bottles being released for the Elevate Your Flavour Frontier SMWS April 2021 outturn has now been released and confirmed for Friday 2nd April 2021’s release date. Here you will find a list of 17 Scotch whiskies, 1 Rye whiskey, 1 Gin, 1 Grain and 2 Bourbon whiskies.. (Don’t worry you can join the SMWS here) but be quick several of the bottlings sell out as quickly as the day they are released.

(here is a quick link to last months SMWS Outturn: SMWS March 2021 outturn).

Elevate Your Flavour Frontier SMWS Outturn below:

SMWS 48.118

48.118 – Trekking In The Jungle

60.5% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 7yo ~ Speyside

We made cilantro mint chutney using Greek style natural yoghurt, fresh cilantro, ginger, jalapeno, garlic, mint and lemon juice to accompany our vegetable samosas. On the palate neat we had Kendal mint cake, that sugar-based confection flavoured with peppermint, popular among British climbers as a source of energy….read more


SMWS 107.22

107.22 – A Dark Abyss Of Bliss

66.1% ~ 2nd Fill Toasted Butt ~ 9yo ~ Speyside

Rich and toasty aromas of teacakes and toffee combined with cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise in a heavy fruitcake topped with molasses and dates. The palate was equally as sumptuous with oozing dark treacle, Manuka honey and brittle toffee over prunes, raisins and coffee beans in dark navy rum. With water came a wave of bitter orange marmalade, black forest gateau…read more


SMWS 9.208

9.208 – Ahhh Yes

55.4% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Oloroso Hogshead ~ 24yo ~ Speyside

The nose was an abundance of sweet apples, blood oranges and sultanas wrapped in buttery pastry before pineapple and mango merged with toasted nuts and hints of cumin and linseed oil. The palate was spicy at first but quickly softened to apple chutney, banana and lychee beside liquorice, cinnamon and nutmeg. Things became very ripe with water as red cherries…read more


SMWS 4.273

4.273 – Hambrocations

62.5% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 10yo ~ Highland

The Panel agreed this was akin to eating fried pancetta covered with English mustard and piccalilli next to the Atlantic. Rainy fishing harbours, freshly landed creel nets, medical embrocations, Elastoplast, smoked mussels in brine and things like pickled pineapple, anthracite soot and lanolin. Water brought pure seawater and wet kelp. White flowers, chalky minerals, fresh linens….read more


SMWS 78.43

78.43 – Dark Side Of The Honey Spoon

61.9% ~ 2nd Fill Toasted and Charred Hogshead ~ 10yo ~ Highland

Cinnamon, nutmeg and mace brought warming spice that complemented tobacco, marmalade and rum and raisin fudge. Then aromas of toasted cereals and autumn leaves merged with deep notes of teriyaki sauce, dark toffee and porcini mushrooms. On the palate a vigorous heat danced through ginger and pepper before tropical fruits, cinnamon and Manuka honey….read more


SMWS 35.270

35.270 – At The End Of A Perfect Day

53.3% ~ 2nd Fill Toasted Hogshead ~ 33yo ~ Speyside

Imagine coming inside after a bracing walk in very cold conditions, you’ve slipped off your comfortable coat crafted from a blend of camel hair and virgin wool, put on your slippers and sat down by the open crackling fire to enjoy figs in syrup, sweet dates wrapped in bacon, mature cheddar cheese and a glass of very old vintage Malmsey Madeira wine….read more


SMWS 53.333

53.333 – Bandages On A Mermaid’s Flipper

54.9% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 29yo ~ Islay

Delicate and sweet bonfire smoke framed a scene of tranquillity as toasted pine nuts, hazelnuts and chocolate covered marshmallows bobbed in rock pools that reflected the warm glow of a setting sun as it illuminated seagulls wings high above. On a seaweed shrouded rocky outcrop sat a mermaid carefully wrapping antiseptic gauze around an inflamed flipper….read more


SMWS 10.204

10.204 – Pineapples Ahoy

56.7% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 15yo ~ Islay

The perfumed nose encapsulated a sweet fragrance that mingled with dried herbs and light nut oils while a strong maritime influence washed up dried seaweed, seashells on sandcastles and the sea breeze against crumbling chalk cliffs. Amid a wave of spice on the palate came bursts of tropical fruit as pineapples in a fruit salad merged with bananas and vanilla cream served at the end of a barnacle-covered pier….read more


SMWS 7.255

7.255 – Fruit Jiggle

56.8% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 16yo ~ Speyside

We found this one immediately classical and enticing with everything you’d expect from this great make: white fruit jams, stone fruits, lychee, kumquat, melon, papaya and Juicy Fruit chewing gum. A punchy scent of cask char, honeycomb and star anise evolving towards waxes and light medicines. Reduction brought dried heather, cereals, sunflower oils, pollens, starchy linen and earthy potting sheds….read more



RW3.1 – Big, Bold, Fruity And Spicy

66.9% ~ New Charred Oak Barrel ~ 7yo ~ New York

This bold Rye opens with fruity and spicy aromas – candied cherries, sea buckthorn, nutmeg and ginger. Theres sweetness suggesting marshmallows and vanilla cream balanced by fresh wood spiciness. Its hot, fruity and spicy to taste, offering banana chips, blackcurrant cordial, a hint of orange and spicy oak. Adding water brings out herbal notes of marjoram, thyme and chamomile….read more



GN3.13 – Gelateria Splatter

50.1% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 1yo ~ Hawick

Classic lemon and lime sorbet freshness at first nosing. Then raspberry ripple ice cream, coriander leaf, mint julep and bay leaf. Surprisingly malty underneath with grapefruit tartness and citrus pith. Reduction brings creamy strawberry mousse, cardamom ice cream and fresh emulsion paint with a slice of lemon meringue pie. The mouth is superbly zingy and fresh at first. Fruit Salad sweets, sherbet limes….read more


SMWS G15.9

G15.9 – Rhos-Dhu-Rum-Rum

57.5% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Trindad Rum Barrel ~ 10yo ~ Highland

After 9 years in ex-bourbon wood, we transferred this into a refill Trinidad rum barrel. The nose was a curious blend of foam bananas, mint choc chip ice-cream and stewed apples with raisins. The rum cask influenced the palate gently, but it really let the sunshine in – peach and pecan salad, barbecued banana, chocolate limes, caramel and lemon juice on pancakes….read more


SMWS 149.1

149.1 – Smoky, Salty And Malty

61.5% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Oloroso Spanish Oak Butt ~ 5yo ~ Highland

Smoky, salty and malty – a beech smoked beer with fresh lime zest, orange peel, coriander seed and a pinch of sea salt. On the palate, big on the peat smoke but nicely balanced by mixed spices, blackberries, sourdough bread and sweet potato gnocchi with samphire. With a drop of water, we could literally smell the sea with a trawler and a Clyde Puffer….read more


SMWS 143.1

143.1 – Sea Buckthorn Tea With Honey

60.0% ~ New Charred Oak Butt ~ 3yo ~ Seattle, Washington

An amazing deep mahogany colour! This was matured in a cask using staves that were air dried for 18 months, then heavily toasted and charred to #2. The aroma was that of Acacia honey on slices of buttered toasted malt loaf next to simmering red currants almost ready to be filled into jars for jelly. On the palate, full roasted oak and coffee flavours with hints of molasses and a slightly bitter turmeric finish….read more


SMWS 108.29

108.29 – Mediterranean Foodie Dram

64.1% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 10yo ~ Speyside

Our noses enjoyed mostly culinary impressions – smoky barbecued chicken (marinated in yoghurt and herbs) and something fried in tempura batter, served with tartare sauce, lemon wedges and plum chutney. On the palate we also found a mentholic, medicinal vibe, like muscle rub or a visit to the dentist; the finish flicked a little dragon tail of chilli heat….read more



B6.1 – Ginger-Spiced Sponge

51.9% ~ New Charred Oak Barrel ~ 5yo ~ New York State

Feeling like an explorer we found ourselves in a tropical greenhouse of palm trees, ferns and cycads but also orchids and begonias while sipping a Vasco da Gama cocktail which combines bourbon, scotch and garam masala-spiced apple syrup. An amazing texture, so silky smooth and creamy with that little spice in the background – very moreish….read more



B3.6 – The Wee Orange Beastie

57.3% ~ New Charred Oak Barrel ~ 4yo ~ Arkansas

A delightful nose unfolded and yielded charred hessian, cured red meats, spiced vanilla cake and raw liquorice root. Big notes of orange cordial and spiced marmalade. Also, anthracite soot, smoked juniper wood, charcoals, aniseed liqueur and turmeric earthiness. With water we got waxed canvass, cough medicines, cherry throat sweets and hints of fresh paint….read more


SMWS 93.160

93.160 – External Combustion Engine

59.2% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 9yo ~ Campbeltown

Mint-tainted petrol and coconut oil provided high octane fuel before being joined by vanilla, cocoa nibs and clotted cream to oil the gears. Citrus oils and creamed coconut levels were high on the dipstick as we prepared apple juice, fresh lime and sea salt. After adding water and using cut peat for ignition, a bang and a splutter sounded an explosion of nutmeg, eucalyptus and camphor….read more


SMWS 53.366

53.366 – Licking A Coal Scuttle

55.4% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Oloroso Sherry Hogshead ~ 8yo ~ Islay

Shifting this from ex-bourbon wood to an oloroso hogshead after six years has produced an intriguing combination of flavours and aromas. The initial nose had bacon-wrapped dates, brinjal pickle, plum chutney, hoisin sauce, salty peanuts and ‘licking a coal scuttle’. The palate balanced sweetness and smoke with side orders of liquorice, lavender oil, citrus and memories of ‘lighting a fire with newspapers….read more


SMWS 42.59

42.59 – Coal Miner Canary

56.7% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 13yo ~ Highland

The aroma neat was packed with spirited smoke, tar, liquorice and plenty of medicinal notes, we all thought that we were in for an experience tasting it – and we were not disappointed! Comments of “that is a big smoky beast” and “peat galore” instantly set the scene (after we caught our breath). Smoky hot sauce, burnt fish skin on a barbeque, rock salt with a copious amount of ash….read more


SMWS 28.54

28.54 – The Yellow Fairy

59.7% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 8yo ~ Highland

We walked through a cliffside lemon grove along the Amalfi coast with the sea breeze carrying aromas of sweet hay, cut green grass and shaved oak. On the palate, not surprisingly, lemon curd to start with followed by green peppercorns, white pepper, sweet ginger and sugared almonds. Diluted we detected herbal green notes of nettles, river reeds, eucalyptus and a distinct rustic scent of tobacco….read more


SMWS 26.166

26.166 – Bothy Atmospherics

59.3% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 9yo ~ Highland

Intriguing aromas of Fisherman’s Friends, hessian, kelp and suspicions of peat smoke. Also runny honey and fruits in custard. Yes – the palate confirmed it – floral, heathery peat and cough mixture; but lemon sherbet and gooseberry jam lifted it above the bass clef. The reduced nose seemed very old school and had us imagining Blair Witch twig sculptures….read more


SMWS 24.148

24.148 – Effortlessly Bold

63.4% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Oloroso Spanish Oak Hogshead ~ 12yo ~ Speyside

The colour was dark as was the aroma with the main scent of dark fruits such as blackberries, plums and black cherries next to a sweet tobacco note. Big on the palate like a prune porridge topped with toasted walnuts and plenty of cinnamon. Took water well but be careful with the amount. We were rewarded with violet flowers, leather and cocoa powder….read more


SMWS 135.31

135.31 – Juice For A Loose Caboose

59.9% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 11yo ~ Highland

The nose engine was driven by candy sweetness (Highland toffee, rum and raisin fudge), towing a buttery baggage car (shortbread, Eccles cakes, Butterkist), a citric coach (lemon sponge-cake, lemon meringue pie, kumquats) and a guard’s van of salted pretzels. On the palate, the citric astringency (lime marmalade, green apple, Haribo Tangfastics) was married to ginger and five spice, suggesting a Thai….read more

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