2nd SMWS Outturn May 2022

2nd SMWS Outturn May 2022 goes live on Friday 13th May 2022

Prepare For A Peaty Pursuit – The Scotch Malt Whisky Society release (outturn) several single cask bottlings of Scotch, Whisk(e)y, Rum and Gin, to name a few, usually on the first Friday of every month. Below is a full list of what the SMWS Prepare For A Peaty Pursuit May 2022 outturn has to offer. The 2nd SMWS May 2022 outturn is released on Friday 13th May 2022.

See below the full list of bottles being released for the 2nd SMWS May 2022 outturn. (Don’t worry you can join the SMWS here) but be quick several of the bottlings sell out as quickly as the day they are released.

(here is a quick link to last months SMWS Outturn: SMWS April 2022 outturn).

Prepare For A Peaty Pursuit SMWS Outturn May 2022 bottles below:

4.317 – Peaty And To The Point

62.6% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 11yo ~ Highland ~ £64.00

The initial nose was clear, direct and uncomplicated. We noted gravel, lime, mint and petrichor. And beyond that a wonderfully refreshing mineral quality that included bath salts, mineral oils, chalk and sea air. With water, the nose became more fragrant with coastal herbs, mineral salts, dried seaweed and damp bonfire smoke. The neat palate was full of juicy Orcadian peat, grilled shellfish slathered with smoked olive oil and cough sweets… read more

23.79 – Tea-Smoked Lychees

61.7% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 10yo ~ Islay ~ £175.00

The first associations mentioned were all headed in the same direction, wintergreen ointment, Deep Heat, Vicks VapoRub and Olbas oil. With our sinuses totally free there was the smoke, sweet incense, burning pine wood and a beach bonfire. A very appetising sweet meaty smoke of barbequed bacon chops with a cider gooseberry sauce, white pepper mayonnaise on smoked haddock sashimi and savoury stir-fried wakame…read more

16.69 – Rugged Beauty

63.4% ~ Refilled Re-Charred Hogshead ~ 8yo ~ Highland ~ £54.00

Imagine sitting in a Scottish black house, dry-stone walls and thatched roofs rendered black with soot from a permanent peat fire in the centre of the building. On the palate we had rabbit stew with black olives, sundried peppers and garlic served with patatas a la pobre (poor man’s potato), fried with eggs and plenty of olive oil. Following the addition of water, a floral fragrant smoke-developed combined with toasted cumin seeds and teriyaki sauce… read more

G15.16 – Take The Floor For Strip The Willow

62.3% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 8yo ~ Highland ~ £50.50

What a nose – wool socks drying by the fire and rally driver’s gloves, a shovelful of flinty gravel, gooseberry bush, dirty martini, hickory smoke and Lapsang Souchong. The unreduced palate had a sour-ish tang of sorrel, dark cherries and cranberry juice, smoked fish with vinegar, boiled sweets in an ashtray; then a finish of liquorice, chilli flakes and cigar smoke. The reduced nose suggested putting on brogues for the ceilidh and (literally) stripping the willow…read more

108.54 – Arsonist Torches Garden Centre

61.1% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 10yo ~ Speyside ~ £57.00

We saw the arsonist running away from the garden centre he had just torched – he ran to the beach to light another fire, to cook his lunch – langoustines, smoked mackerel and spicy sausage. The palate had guava, monstera and vanilla on one side and hot-smoked salmon, seaweed and samphire on the other – all impressively knitted together by perfumed smoke – hints of tobacco and chilli to finish…read more

53.414 – Omnipresent Smoke

59.3% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 9yo ~ Islay ~ £64.30

A very intense peat smoke to start with of burnt raisins soaked in TCP (antiseptic liquid), the scent of heavy bonfire smoke stuck in a wholly jumper and the burning of old hessian coal sacks. The taste did not disappoint either, truly a big beast of a dram, with omnipresent smoke, twigs covered in yeast extract as well as smoked oysters and cod liver pate. Water added the oiliness of devilled whitebait with roasted garlic mayonnaise on the nose…read more