SMWS Outturn November 2022

SMWS Outturn November 2022 goes live on Friday 4th November 2022

Shelter From The Storm – The Scotch Malt Whisky Society release (outturn) several single cask bottlings of Scotch, Whisk(e)y, Rum and Gin, to name a few, usually on the first Friday of every month. Below is a full list of what the SMWS Shelter From The Storm November 2022 outturn has to offer. The SMWS November 2022 outturn is released on Friday 4th November 2022.

See below the full list of bottles being released for the SMWS November 2022 outturn. (Don’t worry you can join the SMWS here) but be quick several of the bottlings sell out as quickly as the day they are released.

(here is a quick link to last months SMWS Outturn: SMWS September 2022 outturn).

Shelter From The Storm SMWS Outturn November 2022 bottles below:

108.53 – Crunchy Salt And Pepper Squid

62.6% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 10yo ~ Speyside ~ £53.00

Some of the panellists compared the smell to a first aid kit, burning twigs, marmite, and a smelting plant while others described the aroma somewhat differently with associations of sweet tobacco smoke and cured salmon. On the palate we all agreed, smoked salted caramel as well as grilled pineapple with a cinnamon and honey glaze. Water added more maritime characters on the nose with salt and pepper squid Cantonese style and smoked mackerel fillets, while to taste orange and fennel roasted cod and, in the finish, a creamy horseradish. Following six years in an ex-bourbon barrel, we transferred this whisky into a 2nd fill medium charred barrelread more

9.222 – Dram O’Clock

62.9% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 13yo ~ Speyside ~ £62.00

A beautiful and richly satisfying nose we thought. Immediate and assertive aromas of yellow fruits, meadow flowers, vanilla ice cream and baled hay. Then some touches of condensed milk and fresh parsley came to the fore. With reduction we found lighter and drier notes of fabric, linseed oil, cut green apples, saffron and nettles. The mouth opened with a beautiful, natural sweetness which encapsulated forest fruits, bubble-gum, citrus curds, pineapple jelly and rhubarb and custard sweets. Water gave use lemon barley water, plum wine, sweetened olive oil, butter pastry and slightly spicier notes of cloves and cinnamonread more

9.243 – Prima Ballerina

60.3% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 14yo ~ Speyside ~ £65.00

Right from the start we were all under a spell. Pouring the dram, we couldn’t help but notice the pale colour, yet it had an inexplicable depth and vibrancy. On the nose like a ballet dancer, a flawless technique combined with such gracefulness, charm and ‘Grande Vitesse’. A light deep complexity on the palate delivered with fun and a lasting youthfulness which was difficult to describe, but we gave it a go. Imagine lying in a meadow looking up at the blue sky where white fluffy clouds change and move in a fresh summers’ breeze and you see Portuguese pastel de nata, Greek baklava and Italian panna cotta!read more

9.254 – Berrylicious Malty Assam Tea

56.7% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 14yo ~ Speyside ~ £65.00

We were served a hot mug of purple acacia and blueberry green tea to which we added honey, lemon and coconut oil syrup as we turned it into a bursting ‘berrylicious’ blend of an immune booster. The taste was very different with an ashy, creamy herbal spice note and even an additional teasing thread of savoury smoke made this truly an experience not to be missed. Diluted the tea turned into a pure Assam black tea with those typical earthy, musky and pleasingly punchy dry tannins, while on the palate again that hint of ashy herbal smoke sometimes found in rosemary roasted potatoes and parsnipsread more

28.82 – Fireside Entertainment

60.5% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 9yo ~ Highland ~ £52.00

We came in from the cold, waxed jackets tossed on the mahogany table, woollen slippers on, fire lit – and enjoyed a feast of lemon puffs, sugared almonds and maple and pecan Danish. The palate’s sweetness (apple crumble, honey-drizzled meringues and panna cotta), preceded a dry, spicy finish (cinnamon stick, ginger snaps, tannic oak). The reduced nose entertained us further with candied peel, apricots, dates and marshmallows; hints of birch sap and well-fired rolls. The palate was once again fruity and sweet, with a warm and lively finish – lime marmalade on toast, orange pekoe tea, clove oil and sugar-coated fennel seedsread more

36.191 – Deli Delights

57.8% ~ 1st Fill Marsala Barrique ~ 12yo ~ Speyside ~ £59.10

An inviting aroma of dark cherries, marzipan, plum pudding and bramble jam while in the background a note of Black Forest kirsch salami. On the palate, again salami, but now ‘salame Felino’ from northern Italy, seasoned with Salsomaggiore salt, whole black peppercorns, white wine and garlic. After reduction, we found on the nose sour cherry and almond flapjacks, and baked Italian herb and parmesan meatballs. To taste, a Dark ’n’ Stormy cocktail using a fiery ginger beer alongside rum and fresh lime juice. Following nine years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this whisky into a first fill marsala barriqueread more

39.254 – Minty, Creamy and Green

61.9% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 10yo ~ Speyside ~ £54.80

We imagined preparing a carrot, tomato and beetroot salad with a few strands of coriander and fenugreek leaves, drizzled with fresh lemon juice. On the palate neat the mixture of a sweet chilli sauce combined with lime flavoured menthol lozenges and after dinner mints, made this truly an experience. Water added a glass of fizzy apple juice, Greek natural yoghurt with honey, chopped almonds, cut grass as well as lemon butter icing and crème de menthe on the nose. To taste stewed rhubarb with lemon sherbet, zingy cooking apples and thick cut marmalade all washed down with a classic Grasshopper cocktail – minty, creamy and greenread more

53.434 – Tarred and Pickled

58.3% ~ 1st Fill Olorosso Hogshead ~ 13yo ~ Islay ~ £82.00

We got a wealth of mentholated peat smoke at first nosing, then olive brine, pickling juices, cornichons drenched in natural tar resin and fir wood smouldering on a beach bonfire – hugely dense, aromatic and powerful. Water brought an additional layer of sweetness and added notes of burnt orange peel, autumn leaves, salted Dutch liquorice, bodega funk and game meats infused with smoked chilli. The neat palate detonated with a mass of tarry rope, iodine, camphor, barbecue sauce and bonfire embers doused in seawater. Amazing power! With water we found a sublime saltiness, plus umami richness, earthy notes, anchovy paste, Scotch bonnet chilli glaze and pickling vinegars. After maturing for 10 years in a bourbon hogshead, we transferred this to a first fill Spanish oak oloroso hogsheadread more

53.436 – Le Peat Reek, C’Est Magnifique!

60.7% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 10yo ~ Islay ~ £66.30

We played on the beach – buckets, spades, wet towels, bonfire, frankfurters and lobster – when a mermaid emerged dripping from the water, perfumed seaweed around her neck; she smiled and lit up a cheroot. The palate’s indisputable smoke dispelled our reverie – coal smoke, asphalt, burnt prawn shells, peppered langoustines and hot rauchbier mixed with molasses. The reduced nose was a harbourside barbeque, with oil slicks on the water and wetsuits hanging over the rail. The palate was an exciting mix of juicy crab claws, peat smoke, pebbles, toffee popcorn and caramelised almonds, coal tar soap and plasters – le peat reek, c’est magnifique!read more

58.41 – Nuts Crushed By Falling Fruit

54.3% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 15yo ~ Speyside ~ £72.50

Baked bananas and pineapple combined with cinnamon butter, toasted pine nuts and vanilla in an old dunnage warehouse along with casks of spicy rum. On the palate a sweet chilli sauce and ginger marmalade warmth led us to melon, mango and banana flambé covered in honey and a squeeze of lime. Big tropical fruits remained after a few drops of water to be joined by oaky chardonnay, Victoria plums and a handful of toasted hazelnuts, almonds and coconut. The palate also was sweet and nutty with an abundance of toasted oak and marzipan that complemented apple crumble, poached pears and a peppermint dryness on the finishread more

66.231 – Honey In The Grill Tray

62.3% ~ Re-Fill Trinidad Rum Barrel ~ 9yo ~ Highland ~ £59.00

Refined aromas gathered heather, orange blossom and croissants around burning gorse, bacon-flavoured crisps and salted ham served with horseradish sauce. Sweet meaty flavours continued on the palate but now with barbeque notes and soot covering honey-roasted parsnips, meringue and toasted pine nuts. Water made the aromas sweeter and more medicinal, with antiseptic notes and red shoelace sweets. Finally, singed cashews arrived on burnt toast topped with cumin before hints of the grill tray rounded out the finish. Seven years in an ex-bourbon barrel before being transferred to a refill Trinidad rum barrelread more

68.94 – Burning Bungs On The Brae

57.3% ~ 1st Fill Shave, Toast, Re-Char, PX Seasoned Barrique ~ 14yo ~ Highland ~ £68.10

At first we noticed the beautiful colour, like a perfectly groomed Irish setter. On the neat nose, we were grilling chocolate orange campfire cakes, made from oranges, muscovado sugar, cocoa powder, bittersweet dark chocolate and vanilla extract. To taste, we enjoyed a pizza with spicy Italian dry salami, mozzarella and chillis drizzled with honey just before serving. On reduction, the night drew in on our barbeque and we started a fire in a metal drum using whisky soaked bungs. As we gazed into the starlit night, we finished with a slice of sticky date, ginger and PX sherry toffee puddingread more

84.37 – Big Char

59.8% ~ 2nd Fill #4 Heavy Char Hogshead ~ 12yo ~ Speyside ~ £65.90

Lots of clean and spicy cask influence in this one. Complex and warming spice influence with beers, breads, dried flowers and earthy dark tearead more

93.185 – Grubby Sweetness and Extreme Funk

58.6% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 9yo ~ Campbeltown ~ £62.00

This multiplex nose included milk chocolate melted in a farmer’s waxed jacket pocket, Camp coffee with chicory, sherbet lemons and pineapple tarts, leather, hessian, and rubber gardening gloves – extreme funk! The palate gave us a toffee bar briefly dropped in a farmyard, dirty martini, chocolate factory floor sweepings and taking a custard tart from a chimney sweep – grubby sweetness just about sums it up. The reduced nose – buttered (burnt) crumpet, ‘diabolical sangria’, Danish oil mixed with rum, garden sheds and ship chandlers. The reduced palate – cinnamon, spiced walnuts, tree bark and biting a policeman’s shoe – you know you’re in trouble nowread more

95.34 – A Taste Of Sunshine

55.8% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 14yo ~ Speyside ~ £59.20

The nose neat was bursting with vanilla, custard tart, blackberry and lemon fool as well as crème brûlée warmed on a sun-baked terrace after a leisurely lunch on the French Riviera. Zingy turmeric ginger lemonade with fresh mint on the palate neat left us speechless for a little while before a dry crisp cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc came in the finish. With a little water we found ourselves preparing a cantaloupe salad with lime, mint and ginger whilst the taste was juicy like orange fruit bonbons, combining with a citrus-floral after taste making it an absolute delightread more

112.63 – Raindrops On Roses

58.1% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 12yo ~ Highland ~ £51.70

The nose opened with dry earth and parchment paper with the feel of dusty leather. Dried herbs combined with oak sawdust before droplets of rain began to splash off blackberries and redcurrants and trickle down flower stems. Raindrops morphed into melted butter as they found their way to dried apricots dusted with fine sugar. The palate warmed with nutmeg led spice and a creamy demeanour that wandered through brandy butter before settling on a mixture of dark chocolate and white chocolate on puffed rice. Water beckoned floral aromas of primrose, lavender and rose but again doused by fresh droplets of rain. Lemon barley water combined with herbal tones on the palate before a racy edge delivered kaffir lime and a finish of porridge oatsread more