1st SMWS Outturn July 2023

1st SMWS Outturn July 2023 goes live on Friday 7th July 2023

Summer Shakers – The Scotch Malt Whisky Society release (outturn) several single cask bottlings of Scotch, Whisk(e)y, Rum and Gin, to name a few, usually on the first Friday of every month. Below is a full list of what the 1st SMWS Summer Shakers July 2023 outturn has to offer. The 1st SMWS July 2023 outturn is released on Friday 7th July 2023.

See below the full list of bottles being released for the 1st SMWS July 2023 outturn. (Don’t worry you can join the SMWS here) but be quick several of the bottlings sell out as quickly as the day they are released.

(here is a quick link to last month’s SMWS Outturn: SMWS May 2023 outturn).

Summer Shakers 1st SMWS Outturn July 2023 bottles below:

94.31 – Ice Cream By Candlelight

54.0% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Px Barrique ~ 13yo ~ Highland ~ £79.90

Walnuts and caramel wafers were served with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch on ripe banana, with a dash of rum and pink peppercorns in a soft leather bag. On the palate, the ice cream joined whipped cream, salted peanuts and chestnuts, while hot cross bun spices merged with gooseberries, maraschino cherries and marmalade. With water came puffs from a snuffed candle and freshly baked bread alongside raisins, almonds and scorched orange skin. Flavours of gingerbread and hazelnut praline now joined Turkish delight plus church candles melting on to fresh pine wood. After 10 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, this was transferred to a first fill Pedro Ximénez barriqueread more

60.30 – Summer Strawberry Scones

59.2% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 9yo ~ Highland ~ £54.00

We noticed, at first, a fresh minty aroma which was joined by a lime sorbet and pear drops. With time, sweeter notes of candyfloss and a pineapple cream cheese flan appeared. On the palate neat we found a citrus apple pie, with the tang from the tart apples and the zing from the citrus, which preceded white chocolate black pepper scones and a mint chocolate pavé. Following reduction, we discovered floral notes from hyacinths and summer strawberry scones with cream. To taste, it was a light, sweet, soft, vanilla white chocolate mousse topped with grated coconut and peach slices in juiceread more

9.280 – Butterscotch-Encrusted Carnations

56.5% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Guyanese Rum Barrel ~ 15yo ~ Speyside ~ £91.40

Raw sugar cane was served on a bed of cold raisins, topped with a hessian sack soaked in mango pulp. The palate was a collision of Dundee cake, the finest nutmeg and a bowl of rum punch, with a side of cookie dough. Water gifted the nose a bouquet of melted butter-soaked carnations, pollen and caramel, while our palates were bathed in butterscotch and anise. A light, perfumed finish left us booking the next flight to South America. After 12 years in an ex-bourbon barrel, we transferred this to a second fill Guyanese rum barrel for the remainder of its maturationread more

7.281 – Hopscotch And A Lunchbox

57.7% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 11yo ~ Speyside ~ £81.20

The sweet, woody fragrance of pencil shavings combined with vanilla sponge cake, cherry sweets and coconut, like a treasure trove in a lunchbox. We placed the lunchbox in a soft leather satchel, at the bottom of which lay the sticky remnants of aniseed sweets, strawberry shoelaces and ginger biscuits. Water did nothing but intensify the innocent charm as glacé cherries, cream-filled doughnuts and peach sorbet played hopscotch alongside honey on oak staves. Then, as if our wishes had been granted, we dived head first into a ball pit of fluffy marshmallows, cinnamon balls and fennel seedsread more

6.67 – Funky Frivolity

59.2% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Rum Barrique ~ 13yo ~ Speyside ~ £81.20

A complex and rather robust neat nose brought aromas of pineapple chunks in a rum and demerara sugar dressing and the earthy sweetness of honey-roasted root vegetables. On the palate we found sweet brown sugar banana bread, treacle tart and that Scottish delicacy called a fly cemetery. After reduction the first whiff was of funky Jamaican rum, with that typical scent of gasoline and burnt sugar fields before aromas of toffee, caramel and roasted hazelnuts covered in chocolate appeared. To taste, we enjoyed a Moroccan blood orange salad with black olives. Following 10 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this whisky into a first fill French oak barrique that had previously matured Jamaican rumread more

GN6.3 – Yearning For Bubbles

49.6% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ Gin ~ Edinburgh ~ £45.75

At first we detected blood orange sorbet, lime zest, elderflower champagne and orange segments studded with juniper. A robust and lightly peppery profile. Some water brought suggestions of nettle tea, lapsing souchong, lemon curd and Twister ice lollies. The palate showed a spicier side with coriander seed, pine needles, grated carrot, and caraway. Some rose petal touches brought elegance. With water we noted poppy seeds, fresh coriander this time, cucumber juice and bergamot oil. Fresh and super livelyread more

5.121 – Golden Autumn Harvest

57.7% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 19yo ~ Lowland ~ £125.00

Our noses encountered gentle sweetness (spun sugar, fudge, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, and caramel cups with nougat, caramel and a hazelnut, topped with a chocolate button); then we included floral laurels, dried wildflowers, black fruits and cappuccino hints. The palate, although also sweet (honey, icing sugar over strawberries), was not quite so gentle – with pencil shavings, lemon, bitter chocolate, cinnamon and liquorice root. It was back to sweetness on the reduced nose – candy floss, chocolate honeycomb bars and golden meringues, all under a golden cascade of autumnal sunshine and nut-harvest bounty. The palate now sweetened a little, to bourbon biscuits, pineapple and raisins; on the finish, liquorice allsorts and hot cross buns waltzed together over oak boardsread more

4.356 – A Revolving Wheel Of Delight

62.8% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 11yo ~ Highland ~ £67.20

Smoked lime skins and burning heather complemented fresh thyme and dill served on crab meat, anchovies and brine-soaked olives, finished with a squeeze of lemon. Flavours embodied sweet applewood smoke wafting over fresh oysters, grilled langoustines and octopus fried in butter, while black cherries and lavender combined with candy floss. A few drops of water released savoury notes of pesto, grilled tomatoes and fried asparagus alongside wasabi on sushi, digestive biscuits and roasted chestnuts dipped in sea salt. Hints of barbecue ash were now present on the palate, with black olives, pickled ginger, and prawns in butter and lemongrass. At six years of age, we combined selected casks from the same distillery. We then returned the single malt into a variety of different casks to develop further. This is one of those casksread more

RW1.8 – Spicy Ginger Beer Pie

61.2% ~ 1st Fill #3 Char Quarter Cask ~ Rye Whisky ~ Chicago ~ £75.50

The nose instantly evoked memories of root beer, maple syrup and rum and raisin ice cream with spicy aromas of caraway, cinnamon and cumin gently evolving into bakewell tarts and toffee. A spicy palate of ginger and nutmeg paved the way for juicy black cherries, plum crumble and delicious apple and pecan pie with suggestions of dry autumnal leaves. Water released aromas of peppermint, dried banana and toasted pine nuts with peppery rye spices and scorched notes of toasted marshmallows and barbecued gammon. Now cinnamon buns arrived with ginger beer and apricot jam plus menthol, cloves and dill on the finishread more

GN1.8 – Creamy Corriander-Lime Dressing

48.9% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ Gin ~ Scotland ~ £52.00

After the juniper berry essential oil used in a candle burner cleaned and purified the air, we got the scent of lemon and honey next to tiger balm and boysenberry jelly. On the palate a sweet earthy flavour combining with the freshness of spearmint was followed by cantaloupe melon with a lime-cilantro dressing. The addition of water certainly accentuated the citric aroma with lemon verbena as well as lemon and mandarin fragrant candles alongside juniper and cypress scented linen spray. To taste pine needles and thyme before the cilantro-lime combination was back, this time with coconut milk making it delightfully creamyread more