SMWS | A Wee Cheeky Selection

August sees the SMWS release their latest mid-month selection A Wee Cheeky Selection, with a wealth of styles and flavour profiles to choose from.

The SMWS A Week Cheeky selection of whiskies follows on from last months SMWS Whiskies That Sparkle Selection and the previous months special releases of SMWS The Vaults Collection and SMWS Solstice Selection of whiskies released earlier this year.

SMWS | A Wee Cheeky Selection below:

SMWS G15.7 A Wee Cheeky Chappie

A Wee Cheeky

62.3% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 6yo ~ Highland

The nose wafted herbal, slightly medicinal smoke – menthol, mint and eucalyptus, garden bonfires, pine resin and Manuka honey on burnt toast. The palate had an endearing ‘cheeky chappie’ youthfulness – wood smoke, tree bark, light tar and liquorice, Refreshers, lemon… read more



SMWS R13.2 Ready-Made Marmalade


62.1% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 22yo ~ Trinidad

A fruit-driven nose burst open with ripe apples, pineapple, mango and guava and bundles of molasses dusted with cinnamon and ginger. Spicy marmalade joined us on the palate with cloves and blackcurrant syrup. Blood oranges and fermenting pears then sweetened to creme caramel and custard…. read more


SMWS 4.257 Going the Extra Mile(s)

Going The
Extra Mile(s)

56.6% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Pedro Ximenez Hogshead ~ 15yo ~ Highland

We imagined finishing the Camino de Santiago that lead to the shrine of the apostle St. James in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and as we sat on a pew, ‘tired but happy’, the giant incense-burner started to swing. On the palate we were going the extra mile(s) to the coast, to Finisterre…. read more


SMWS 42.48 Odin and Zeus

Odin and Zeus

62.1% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 18yo ~ Highland

The initial aroma was just like wild strawberries soaked for months in peaty whisky. Add to this sweet fruitiness and smokiness, salted lemons on rye bread, smoked ham and a driftwood fire – tinctures for an odic force. This life force named after the Nordic god Odin was certainly set alight on the palate neat. A petrol explosion in the middle…. read more


SMWS 51.17 A Spring in Your Step

A Spring in
Your Step

54.6% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 19yo ~ Northern Ireland

A fragrant and floral aroma greeted us; citrus oil, rose water, cherry blossom, dogwood blooms and sweet tangerines – like ‘having a spring in your step’. Plenty of zing neat with peppered pineapple cubes and liquorice Catherine wheels (long laces of liquorice coiled around a coloured jelly button). Water added on the nose lemon… read more


SMWS 52.35 North meets South

North meets

58.9% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Pedro Zimenez Hogshead ~ 13yo ~ Highland

After 11 years in ex-bourbon wood, we re-racked this into a first-fill PX hogshead; resulting in a unique combination of North Sea power and exuberance with sun-kissed Andalusian bodegas. The nose gave us honey, dates, marzipan, fruit cake, glazed donuts and oranges preserved in brandy. We also got deeper notes of tobacco, oak, black tea… read more