Scotch Malt Whisky Society – A Trio of Delights (Part One)

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has brought out this very tasty trio. Batches 20, 21 and 22 and this parcel is online for the reduced price of only £140.00, a truly great bargain.

Even though there are already loads of reasons why you should join the Society this delightful offer is just the cherry on the cake. You can easily join via our website.

The Trio of Delights consists of:-

Batch 20, “Whisky Baba” a 12 Year Old blended malt, 58.6% Alc/vol. Matured in a combination of bourbon hogsheads and ex-rum French oak barriques.

Batch 21, “Dunnage Nougat” a 9 Year Old Speyside Single Malt, 50% Alc/vol. Matured in ex-bourbon and custom built American and French new oak casks.

Batch 22, “Scarlett Marzipan” a 10 Year Old blended malt, 50% Alc/vol. Matured in a combination of American and Spanish Oak oloroso seasoned butts.

Today I am going to taste and review Batch 20, Whisky Baba

Colour…Sun bleached pine.

Nose…Honey, I am putting my nose into a bag of broken biscuits, hints of Caribbean fruits including mandarin orange zest.

Taste…Now in Jamaica sipping a rum cocktail and eating ripe pineapple covered in vanilla ice cream, sumptuous, lightly toasted cask staves, in comes a variety of mild spices, Terry’s chocolate orange, and absolute delight on the palate.

Finish…My mouth is now well coated with fruit and spice in this lingering finish.

I really cannot recommend enough the purchase of these drams and they are a real incentive for you to join the Society. The benefits the Society offers are fabulous with three Scottish Venues and one in London, and partner bars in every continent The beauty of the venues is that they all have a slightly different vibe, all with a degree of sophistication without being formal.   Personally my preference is the Glasgow venue, not only because of the ease of travel to get there from  my home, obviously this will vary depending on where you live.  I also feel that Glasgow has a flavour of an up market bar, and on taking many guests there not only gentlemen, but ladies have also enjoyed the environment.   

As some of you may know I did work at the Vaults for a spell, so again I will always have a place in my heart for that venue as I enjoyed many days while working there and engaging with a wide array of members.  

The Society offers the largest range of Scotch Single Malts, Blended Malts, a large range of world wide Whiskies, a comprehensive selection of other spirits including gin, rum, cognac, bourbon, rye to mention just a few.

Next review and tasting coming soon will be on batch 21 Dunnage Nougat.

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