My One-Man Crusade for Scotch Cocktails

On my travels over the years, I have become very aware of the increased popularity of cocktails.   Although cocktails have been around for a very long time, they were at one time regarded as for the elite, now every bar is offering them. 

These cocktails come in a variety of styles (mainly using vodka, gin or tequila) many of which are sweet.  My mission has been to find outstanding Scotch cocktails made with Scotch Whisky.  My two favourites are an Old Fashioned and a Whisky Sour. With the Old Fashioned being my outright winner. 

Whilst on my scientific mission to find the best Scotch Cocktails, I am shocked at how many whisky cocktails offer either Irish Whiskey or Bourbon – I ask why?   Surely cocktail waiters, especially in Scotland, must be aware that the best Malts and blends come from our dear green land.   Another thing the drinks industry must be aware of is how fine Blends and Malts have become so popular with younger women – you just have to look at the demographic of customers who frequently attend the Scotch Malt Whisky Society venues and partner bars.  So cocktail boys and girls start producing excellent cocktails made with Scotch.

For me, I so regret the shutdown of Roganos, one of my favourite go-to venues for an excellent cocktail, not to mention a pint of Guinness (Must be the best draught Guinness in Scotland). The wonderful thing about Rogano’s was the quality of their fish dishes, and as my wife adores fish (not that I would call her fish wife – wouldn’t dare), there was never an objection when suggesting we go there.   Rogano’s Old Fashioned was second to none. I just hope on my search I find another Whisky cocktail Centre of Excellence.

If any of our readers know of a cocktail bar that has a plethora of Scotch cocktails please get in touch and tell me where.

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