SMWS | A Treat For The Mind

April 2021 sees the release of SMWS A Treat For The Mind Whisky collection. Have a look at what SMWS A Treat For The Mind whiskies are available and currently in stock, some of the whiskies have appeared in previous SMWS Outturns.

The SMWS A Treat For The Mind selection of whiskies follows on from their previous SMWS Speyside Whisky, SMWS Hauf ‘N’ Hauf, SMWS Whiskies That Sparkle Selection and the previous months special releases of SMWS The Vaults Collection, SMWS Solstice Selection of whiskies and SMWS A Wee Cheeky Selection released in 2020.

SMWS A Treat For The Mind whiskies are below:

SMWS 80.21

80.21 – Fluffy Texture And Tasty Toppings

56.0% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 13yo ~ Speyside

Crunchy ginger banana chips and baked apples with coconut and orange zest filled the room with a gorgeous fragrant scent. To taste childhood memories of eating a half-and-half cookie, a super soft fluffy texture with one half having a vanilla icing while the other had a chocolate one – a kind of glazed doughnut….read more


SMWS 13.88

13.88 – Stag Hide

59.9% ~ 1st Fill Spanish Oak PX Hogshead ~ 7yo ~ Highland

The Panel noted initial butterscotch and a curious note of sun lotion. Then things evolved playfully with foam banana sweets, tobacco leaf, hessian and stewed dark fruits. Some hints of fig chutney and strawberry jam lingering beneath. Water revealed a gentle herbaceous quality of dried oregano and mint tea. Then mossy bark, wet leaves, petrichor and fresh…read more


SMWS 44.142

44.142 – A Mediterranean Feast

62.3% ~ Re-Fill Moscatel Barrique ~ 14yo ~ Speyside

An intriguing, almost decadent nose, balancing olive tapenade, rye bread and Jamon with sweet white wine, pear Belle Hélène, flambéed banana and custard tart. The palate was packed and stacked with flavour; quince jelly with Manchego, pineapple chunks in armagnac and balsamic on figs; the finish encompassed tobacco leaf, ginger snaps and espresso dregs…read more


SMWS 96.33

96.33 – A Treat For The Mind

57.0% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 13yo ~ Highland

Comforting aromas of a fresh laundered duvet, polished warm wood, nutty and grassy hemp oil as well as a mug of Earl Grey blue flower tea with the blue cornflower petals adding a subtle sweetness. On the palate, a delicate bergamot flavour with a light citrus and floral taste accompanied by a macadamia meringue with white chocolate mousse and gooseberries….read more


SMWS 1.234

1.234 – Cast A Net And Catch The Sun

56.7% ~ New Charred Oak Barrel ~ 7yo ~ Speyside

‘Oh, for a beaker full of the warm south’ – Keats nailed it. Whatever five years in bourbon wood achieved, the Spanish oak PX hoggie has given this flamenco dancer shoes; sublime spirit from the heather-clad slopes of Ben Rinnes wondrously infused with Seville orange blossom, Malaga wine and bodegas of Jerez; we were reaching for our castanets….read more


SMWS 105.30

105.30 – Easy Peasy Farmy Squeezy

46.5% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon ~ 28yo ~ Speyside

It brought to mind a genteel and bucolic Highland farmyard full of stables, cuddy cows, baled hay and stray sheep shearings. Sweet buttery cereals, dessert wines, lemon barley water and elderflower cordial in the afternoon sunshine. Freshly chopped parsley muddled through salty butter and a zing of fruit pastilles. Water brought light tobacco….read more


SMWS 103.80

113.44 – A Real Precious Dram

57.2% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 23yo ~ Speyside

“This is a real precious gem” with the scent of melon balls and honey, smoked apricot jam, serrano ham, Jaffa cakes and Grand Marnier-soaked tropical fruits on top of vanilla bean ice cream. The taste neat was sublime – honey, hazelnuts, marzipan, gingerbread, citrus, almonds and brioche all in perfect harmony. A drop of water added vanilla and coconut powder….read more