SMWS | Hauf ‘n’ Hauf

What’s your favourite Society flavour profile? Reinvent it along with a specially picked beer from our 12 hauf’n’hauf whisky pairings in celebration of Oktoberfest. From our Ester Fest combination of Young & Sprightly with a wheat beer right through to the Double P.

The SMWS hauf ‘n’ hauf selection of whiskies follows on from previous months SMWS Whiskies That Sparkle Selection and the previous months special releases of SMWS The Vaults Collection, SMWS Solstice Selection of whiskies and SMWS A Wee Cheeky Selection released earlier this year.

SMWS | Hauf ‘n’ Hauf below:


Herby Goes Bananas

47.1% ~ Cognac Barrel ~ Petite Champagne

An abundance of grown-up and complex aromas. Herbs d’Provence, freshly cut grass, dandelion, carnations and salted butter beckoned our inquisitive natures to pursue it further. We were rewarded with lemon balm, twiglets, honey on crispy rye bread, banana skin and vanilla custard with the subtle complexity of a dry martini… read more




A Slice of Pastis Gascon

47.3% ~ Armagnac Barrel ~ Bas Armagnac

We began with nostalgic aromas of orange segments at halloween, with sweet treats of chocolate and nougat. “Dookin’ for apples”* exclaimed one panellist, whilst those apples were wrapped up in a luxurious Pastis Gascon** for another. An almost woody nuttiness enveloped the experience, whilst juicy pineapple pastries…. read more



A Fragrant Ramble

50.9% ~ Cognac Barrel ~ Grande Champagne

Our journey began in the high mountain meadows dotted with delicate flowers releasing a musk perfume aroma into the air that mingled with linseed oil and fine oak sawdust left over from wood cutting. Descending the air became warmer and we found ourselves firstly amongst bushes of blackcurrants and geraniums and then taylor’s gold pear trees…. read more


SMWS 5.72


57.1% ~ Re-Fill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 29yo ~ Lowland

We discovered a totally fascinating nose – much ‘out of sync’ with what you would ordinarily expect from this distillery. Immediate notes of curry leaf, pastis, brown toast, mint tea, eucalyptus oils, menthol tobacco and petrichor. Extremely earthy and full of deep, tertiary complexities, with further notes of roasted Brazil nuts and medical vapour rubs…. read more


SMWS 5.73

A Midsummer Night’s Dram

61.1% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 28yo ~ Lowland

The nose evokes old wood – grandparents’ dresser, roast chestnuts, creosoted sheds or the mischief-filled forest of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There’s also lots of dried fruits – Dundee cake, sticky dates, dried figs, golden sultanas – the sweetness of agave syrup and moist Madeira cake, pipe tobacco and armagnac. The taste is ambrosia and nectar combined – intense earthy sweetness of eucalyptus honey, dark brown sugar… read more


SMWS 9.183

Eternal Sunshine of The Flawless Kind

62.3% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 24yo ~ Speyside

Bright and fruity aromas encompassed baked banana, apple slices and poached pears with sultana cake and fruit and nut chocolate. Then a vibrant ray of orange oil melted cinnamon butter and fudge onto figs and grapes in a wicker basket. Rich fruits continued onto the palate with baked pineapple and melon before ginger and apple crumble joined rhubarb with lashings of creamy custard… read more


SMWS 11.41

Smoke, Mirrors and Honey Traps

50.8% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 31yo ~ Highland

Immediately grassy with exotic fruits; a typical expression of this distillery’s beautiful character. There was also citrus pith, fresh linens, lime oil, cheesecloth, chalk, fabrics, lychee, stone fruits and passionflower. A suggestive kiss of peat smoke in the depths somewhere. When adding water, we found citronella candles, soft ash, chalk, limestone, watercress and lighter fluid… read more


SMWS 12.43

Desire Lines

54.8% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Sherry Butt ~ 28yo ~ Speyside

Salted caramel chocolate at first, then greengage, cocoa, aged sweet Chenin from the Loire and madeira sponge cake. A dram that induces hushed silence. It continues with melon liqueur, raspberry cordial, muesli, spiced dark fruits, rum cocktails, gingerbread and figs in syrup. A rather humbling complexity. Reduction brings savoury umami, dense chocolate, black pepper warmth… read more


SMWS 12.46

Peppered Pinapple Dessert

57.8% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 9yo ~ Speyside

A delicious array of sweetness was on offer on the nose neat; honey, butterscotch, fudge, cinnamon-sugared popcorn alongside the minty freshness of eucalyptus and spearmint. On the palate neat, we opened a box of finest liquid-filled pralines of milk and dark chocolate. Biting through the chocolate Williams pear brandy, apricot or cherry liquor…read more


SMWS 26.153

Smashing Apples

58.4% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 8yo ~ Highland

A burst of fruit combined ripe apples, pears and juniper berries with freshly squeezed lemons, kumquats and sultanas before fresh beech wood arrived with a coating of wax. On the tongue came a tingle of spice with a big, juicy mouthfeel that embraced gooseberries, custard and apple strudels. Water unveiled a fragrant complexity that danced around lychees, cherry blossom and chai tea before salted toffee and balsa wood joined the party…read more


SMWS 35.274

Mouth-Watering Delight!

57.8% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 17yo ~ Speyside

An abundance of rich red fruit (raspberries and strawberries) aromas at first followed by rose water panna cotta and poached whole plums in a brown sugar syrup. The palate neat was full, complex and mouth-watering with plenty of black cherries like the filling of a homemade pie intermingled with a sweet toffee creaminess. Water added, on the nose, apple strudel and a vanilla peach layer cake…read more


SMWS 39.196

Enriched Geranium

59.1% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 13yo ~ Speyside

We found a nose bursting with stone fruits, soft fabrics, hessian and the precision of clean, knife-edge cereals. In addition we noted Turkish delight, waxed canvas, pressed wildflowers and marjoram, vase water, tomato vines in a greenhouse and lemon zest. With water there was a renewed abundance of fresh flowers such as daisies, dandelions and geraniums. Also grassy notes, underripe apples…read more


SMWS 58.38

In a Sunny
Lemon Grove

62.4% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 7yo ~ Speyside

Astonishing for its age – the nose had attractive chalky sweets (Refreshers, summer creams, sherbet straws), orange fondant chocolates and lemon bonbons. Then, enticing floral notes shyly peeping out from behind. The palate was zingy, effervescent and mouth-tingling – champagne, sherbet lemons, mango, coconut, tobacco and elderflower and ginger spritz…read more


SMWS 63.56

Fruit Got Married to Spice

58.9% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 9yo ~ Speyside

A delightfully subtle and complex dram – the nose gave us lime marmalade, orange jelly, fluffy stewed apples and chocolate foamy bananas – along with gentle hints of linseed, paint and cigar boxes. The palate had a lively, fizzy acidity – sherbet, Moffat toffee, Bellini, unripe pear and Tangfastics, with some chocolate and spice. Water brought glazed apricot flan, forest fruits…read more


SMWS 66.178

Salt of the Earth

54.4% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 22yo ~ Highland

Clean and salty aromas perfectly complemented barbequed prawns and honey roast ham with a drizzle of almond oil. Then wafts of smoke came from burning gorse bushes and wood embers, washing over a sizzling hog roast with spicy barbeque sauce. Then a handful of chimney soot became scattered on an earth floor in a wine cellar as the smell of wax polish…read more


SMWS 71.64

Make a Menthol Note

61.4% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 11yo ~ Speyside

A minty mentholated freshness to begin. Notes of eucalyptus resin and tea tree oil before fruit pastille sweetness, cloves, spiced custard and Edinburgh rock. Aromatic notes of rosewater and hawthorne with a touch of camphor. Dilution brings out a leafy and lemony aspect. Light and airy notes of raspberry sherbet, cranberry juice and lemon infused tea…read more


SMWS 71.69

Riesling Hot Toddy

60.9% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 11yo ~ Speyside

We were preparing a Singapore Sling cocktail with gin, cherry brandy, Angostura bitters, pineapple and lime juice garnished with pineapple and a cherry. After all this “hard work” we looked forward to trying it. Intense and mouth-filling at the same time, it’s syrupy – maybe like a “liquid cherry Bakewell tart” with a spicy finish of clove and pepper…read more


SMWS 71.76

Scent with Love

61.2% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 8yo ~ Speyside

Strongly perfumed aromas sent seductive messages of rose petals, carnations and cherry blossom as waxy notes suggested candles scented with lavender and coconut. Flavours then swirled through vanilla and white chocolate with toffee, fudge and creamy custard. Tingly warmth caressed us with crystallised ginger before plenty of new oak and tinned pineapple merged on the finish…read more


SMWS 72.86

A Bed of Roses

61.90% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 9yo ~ Speyside

The first comment was ‘just like a bed of roses’ – literally but also metaphorically being effortless, luxurious, comforting, smooth and elegant. On the palate neat, hazelnut meringue torte filled with raspberry and cream and a cinnamon chocolate chip cookie in the finish. With a drop of water we were in a fruit tree garden of pears, plums and peaches…read more


SMWS 112.45

Merry-Go-Around of Aromas

55.5% ~ 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 18yo ~ Highland

This unusual dram made us imagine flower meadows and a freshly painted carousel – children on hay bales enjoying candy floss and ice-cream– a truffle hound rooting about under oak trees. The palate combines sweetness and wood, tropical fruit and warming spice – stewed rhubarb, monstera deliciosa, ice lolly sticks, agave syrup, candy corns, raspberry brownie and paprika and cinnamon…read more


SMWS 113.28

Porridge Parkour

62.0% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 8yo ~ Speyside

A tad metallic to begin. Like the handle of a shovel. Gets slowly more biscuity with notes of rusk, dried heather, fir tree resin and eucalyptus. Then green tea, chamomile, yellow flowers and mint julep. With water it all shifts towards cinnamon, apple turnover, almond milk, damson jam, nettle cordial and booze-soaked raisins. Neat the palate is very sweet and full of honeyed porridge…read more


SMWS 113.38

Welcomed with Open Arms

57.0% ~ Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead ~ 22yo ~ Speyside

The scent of a perfumed begonia bouquet, fresh-cut cedar and a Persian sweet lemon with a highly fragrant hint of roses welcomed us with open arms. When invited in we had a cup of Genghis Khan Tea, which is Lapsang souchong (the leaves are smoke-dried over pinewood fire) blended with jasmine. When we added a little water, the air was filled with delicious Chai crème brûlée…read more