1st SMWS Outturn December 2022

1st SMWS Outturn December 2022 goes live on Friday 9th December 2022

Festive Sensory Feast – The Scotch Malt Whisky Society release (outturn) several single cask bottlings of Scotch, Whisk(e)y, Rum and Gin, to name a few, usually on the first Friday of every month. Below is a full list of what the 1st SMWS Festive Sensory Feast December 2022 outturn has to offer. The 1st SMWS December 2022 outturn is released on Friday 9th November 2022.

See below the full list of bottles being released for the 1st SMWS December 2022 outturn. (Don’t worry you can join the SMWS here) but be quick several of the bottlings sell out as quickly as the day they are released.

(here is a quick link to last month’s SMWS Outturn: SMWS November 2022 outturn).

Festive Sensory Feast 1st SMWS Outturn December 2022 bottles below:

66.217 – Cliche, But Who Cares?

53.7% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Oloroso Hogshead ~ 24yo ~ Highland ~ £174.80

Imagine warm, comfortable handknit mohair slippers, a pipe and a leather-bound book next to an open fire – a cliché you might say but if that is the case, why not write it. We then put our hands into a glass jar containing an assortment of liquorice sweets while dipping a cracker into a smoked oyster sauce garnished with chopped chives. After the addition of water, we were served a smoky aubergine dish called baba ganoush with warm flatbread for dunking and finished with smoked salted caramel and bitter chocolate macaroons. Following twenty-one years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this whisky into a 1st fill Spanish oak Oloroso hogsheadread more

9.246 – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

54.6% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 18yo ~ Speyside ~ £110.00

Mellow fruits flood the nose with interest and enchantment – pears, plums, peaches, banana liqueur and sherbet lemons; then evasive hints of hazelnuts and sesame seeds slip in silently from the side. The palate combines dreamy crème anglaise and comforting apple pie with relaxing camomile, before the forbidden pleasures of chocolate and tobacco seduce the finish. The reduced nose is a fantasy walk through a sweet shop (popping candy, sherbet strawberries, campinos). The palate now delights the mouth with sweet textures and flavours of lemon drizzle cake, Victoria sponge and Battenberg slice; then the finish finds whole almonds and apple pipsread more

95.61 – A Viennese Ball

56.0% ~ 1st Ex-Px Hogshead ~ 14yo ~ Speyside ~ £85.80

The neat nose had the dark sweetness of a coffee chocolate liqueur and mocha Tia Maria truffles, as well as honey roasted carrots and parsnips. On the palate a Mozart Kugel – a ball of pistachio marzipan covered in a layer of nougat made from pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds. After the addition of water, we brewed a Rooibos cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and nutmeg flavoured tea with warm caramel notes as we were served chocolate cake with walnut brittle and chocolate-coated marshmallows. Following twelve years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this whisky into a 1st fill American oak PX hogsheadread more

140.13 – Ooey-Gooey Molten Chocolate

65.1% ~ 1st Fill Ex-HTMC Barrique ~ 4yo ~ Texas, USA ~ £83.75

The aroma of apple as well pumpkin pie filled the room mingling choc chip cookies and wild berry Halloween incense sticks. On the palate neat we felt ‘assaulted’ by American oak, chewing on a wooden stick, vanilla in abundance next to tannins and essence of mango. Following the addition of water give it a little time, as it is so intense with heavily perfumed fruity aromas, before melted vanilla ice cream, dark pepper and dark sugar appeared. The taste now very different, juicy and mellow like almond oil, nougat, peaches and cream and the long finish of a chocolate lava cakeread more

CW1.5 – Cinnamon Sins

61.7% ~ New Oak Charred Barrel ~ 12yo ~ Kentucky, USA ~ £77.50

Aromas of pure temptation bound bags of toffee, butterscotch and cinnamon rolls with the sweet wood of a carpenter’s workbench and toasty bakery notes. A warm embrace of melted butter on corn on the cob then joined fresh coconut and pain au chocolat while the palate wrapped popcorn, macadamia nuts and maple syrup in soft velvet. Water leached out a more earthy refrain that merged spicy walnut cake with rhubarb crumble, raisins and marmalade. Chocolate milkshake arrived with a dusting of cinnamon before cream soda joined charred pork belly and a fresh whisp of peppermint that complimented clean oak on the finish. This mash bill consisted of 80% corn, 8 % rye & 12% malted barleyread more

39.257 – Bandits Of The Biscuit Tin

60.8% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel ~ 10yo ~ Speyside ~ £64.20

Fresh aromas brought the vibrancy of green apples, menthol sweets and lemon garnish on a citrus cocktail while sweet aromas of apple blossom, creme brûlée and toasted oak combined. The palate delivered a delicious concoction of poached pears, sauternes dessert wine and toffee ice cream with pink wafers and a squeeze of strawberry syrup. Adding water simply accentuated the can’t-help-myself attraction of a freshly opened selection box of biscuits with desiccated coconut, toffee and nougat. Buttery textures on the tongue blended caramel, custard and banana while the zingy freshness of pears and citrus balanced the dryness of plums skins on the finishread more

4.331 – Majestic!

57.78% ~ 1st Fill Ex-Px Butt ~ 20yo ~ Highland ~ £172.00

Deep, dark, and menacing, yet majestic aromas of embers, wood oil, roasting chestnuts and roasted duck in an orange liqueur sauce. The taste neat was amazingly fruity and lusciously sweet with an interplay between wood smoke and ginger spice but also rare glimmers of, difficult to describe, ‘rancio’ as found in cognacs aged 40 years and beyond. After the addition of a drop of water the scent of honey roasted oranges and smoked frangipane appeared while on the palate we imagined (as we were all non-smokers) enjoying a hand rolled Cuban cigar with a woody, warm, walnut character leading to a mint chocolate finish. Following 17 years in an ex-Oloroso butt, we transferred this whisky into a first fill PX buttread more

37.137 – The Midnight Mood

57.9% ~ 1st Fill Shave, Toast, Re-Char Oloroso Barrique ~ 18yo ~ Speyside ~ £120.50

At first nosing we detected pocket-melted chocolate bars, before blackcurrant jam, fig paste, date molasses and walnut wine. Further nosing suggested almond brittle, caffè latte and dark chocolate with sea salt. Reduction brought meatier tones of oxtail soup, treacle, herbal ointments and old waxed canvas. The mouth opened with red fruit teas, jammy strawberry wines, honey-roasted root vegetables and darker notes of aniseed, liquorice and black coffee, and impressions of some gloopy game meat stew. Water brought cherry cough sweets, bouillon powder, cloves, sultanas, five spice and boozy black forest gateau. Matured in a bourbon hogshead for 15 years before being transferred to a first fill STR barriqueread more