Scotch Malt Whisky Society – A Trio of Delights (Part Two)

Let’s now take a look and a taste of the “Dunnage Nougat” Batch 21, part of the SMWS’s Trio of Delights. This dram, is unlike the other two of this trio. Dunnage Nougat is a 9 Year Old Speyside Single Malt, 50% Alc/vol.

Getting all excited about tasting this dram.

Let’s taste.

Colour…Clean and clear apple juice.

Nose…Attractive elements, red fruits , strawberries and raspberries. A little touch of oak, deliciously sweet.

Taste…A remarkable and complex dram. Mouth coating, some more oak, lots of the red fruits, vanilla yoghurt poured over stewed apples, this very fine dram took me back to days gone by with an old style of Whisky taste. 

Finish…Medium to long finish, in comes some honey, the aroma of a gentleman’s well worn leather wallet, a lip puckering pleasure from Speyside.

This one is a real treat to the nose and the palate. I cannot wait to bring this bottle out for my next tasting, giving my guests a real taste of a Speyside.

As I said in part one some Whisky drinkers/lovers out there do not realise what you are missing by not being a member. There are so many delights, pleasures, education and experiences to be made by becoming a Society Member, it is good to belong. 

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