Bladnoch Whisky – 16 Year Old Single Lowland Malt

Dougie has done it again, he gave Jim a wee phone round and asked if he fancied a dram or two. Jim’s answer is a foregone conclusion and he hot-footed it to Dougies hoose.

This was a mid-week tasting visit and Nicola was out wineing and dining and unable to attend this Thursday October the 1st 2009 wee special tasting.

At Dougie’s it was only Dougie and Jim in attendance for the tasting but their respective wife’s were in the sun-room chatting and the like.

Dougie did not fail, he produced a bottle of Bladnoch Whisky – 16 Year Old Single Lowland Malt, 40% Alc/vol Non-chilled Filtered.

This single cask bottling of Bladnoch has matured for 16 years and has been bottled at Bladnoch. bladnoch-whisky-distillery

Scotland’s most southerly distillery nestles on the green banks of the River Bladnoch, from which it takes its name. Located in this beautifully remote area of Galloway, the distillery has been producing the “Spirit of the Lowlands” since 1817. The cluster of slate roofed stone buildings hold the promise of sights and smells that have enticed visitors to Scotland for many years.

Wander through warehouses steeped in the atmosphere of sleeping whisky. Experience the noise and steam of the Mash House. Inhale the heady vapours of the Tun Room. Soaring copper stills await you as you enter the Still House to watch the spirit flow like liquid crystal through the spirit safe. Meander through the distillery gardens and make your way to the Dramming Room to enjoy a dram of Bladnoch’s finest single malt whisky and appreciate our little corner of heaven here in Galloway.

The Distillery Shop offers an unsurpassed selection of Bladnoch Whisky.  We suggest that you visit Bladnoch’s website  There you will find everything to do with the Distillery and all their products and a forum.

The tasting

Bladnoch 16 Year Old Single Lowland Malt.40% Alc/vol.

This dram is non-chilled filtered.

Chill filtering is a method in whisky making for removing residue. In chill filtering, whisky is cooled to between -10 and 4 degrees Celsius (often roughly 0) and passed through a fine filter to remove cloudiness, hence the name. This is done mostly for cosmetic reasons, rather than to improve taste or consistency.

Chill filtering works by using low temperatures to make residue, such as some fatty acids, proteins and esters, group together, creating sufficiently large clumps as to not be able to be passed through the filter.  The merits of this method are disputed, as the process is considered to diminish the flavour of the whisky. As such, some distilleries pride themselves on not using this process.

Colour…Cloudy strawbladnoch-16yr-old-malt-whisky1

Dougie’s tasting

Nose…Gentle new wood with a touch of vanilla.

Taste…Dry and salty with a slight prickle of spice and wood resin.

Finish…Medium length, dry, pinewood.


 Jim’s tasting

Nose…Mild and biscuity and a wee hint of sweetness.
Taste…Quite dry, medium body, a mildly complex dram.
Finish…Quite long and fresh, showing a nice richness.

A grand wee dram from Dougie’s new best friends down at Bladnoch in the Borders.

How many more bottles of Bladnoch Whisky did Dougie buy and bring back from his trip down to the festival? ( Jim hopes is will be many)

It is just a wee shame that this dram cannot be got more easily, i.e. from you local supermarkets, not just the specialist shops and of course the well stocked distillery shop down at Bladnoch.

Go search one out, it will not fail to please you.

Tell them the Whisky Boys sent you.

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  1. Sue says:

    Hi Dougie,
    Glad you enjoyed your visit to out little corner of heaven here in Galloway – enough to take a wee bit of it home with you…..

    Best Regards

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