Glen Moray – Twisted Vine, Cognac Cask

While I was perusing the Whisky shelves in Asda I came across this new Glen Moray.

With no second thoughts, it landed in my trolly.

As most of our readers know Glen Moray is one of our favourite brands and distillery and whenever The Whisk Boys travel up to Speyside a visit is always on the cards.

The distillery sits just at the edge of Elgin and I suggest that  you go online to check out their full range of expressions and read the whole story of over 120 years of innovation

Let’s open the bottle and have a taste.

Glen Moray – Twisted vine – Cognac Cask, Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 40% Alc/vol 70cl

Colour…Light chestnut

Nose…Dried fruits, coffee, mixed roasted nuts, damson jam, quite luscious.

Taste…More dried fruits, coffee ever present, sweetness from plum wine, light notes of aromatic mulled spices, pureed raisins, and dates, very sophisticated.

Finish…A long-lasting rich finish, with the dried fruits and spicy hints, are all in charge, a  delightful sweetness.

A grand dram and priced at around £30.00 it is a great buy. I loved every sip and I would rate this Glen Moray up there with their Cider Cask Project dram from a few years ago which was my dram of the year.

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