Mangrove has expanded its World Spirits Portfolio with two new brands

The two new Whiskies are:-

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey (The Valley of Two Lakes)

Bearface Single Grain Canadian Whisky

Mangrove is a premium spirits distributor created by Nick Gillett and John Coe. This company was formed to create a portfolio of specialist spirits and liqueurs from around the world, The Mangrove team are based all around the UK with their head office in Ilford.

Check their website for their full story and all the leading brands in their portfolio 

Let’s taste some Whiskey, up first is :-

Glendalough Double Barrel,. Aged first in American oak bourbon barrels and finished in Spanish oak Oloroso barrels.

Glendalough Double Barrel Single Grain Irish Whiskey – 42% Alc/vol 70 cl

Colour…Russet gold

Nose…Rich and sweet, hot buttered toast smothered in honey, vanilla

Taste…Quite elegant, light and floral, no harsh notes, sweet with plump raisins, luxury vanilla ice cream. dried apricots, mango, banana, and tangerines, lovely mouth feel, in comes a little hint of spice, with a teardrop of water it becomes more mellow and so easy to sip.

Finish…Long and delightful, sweetness and the dried fruits linger longest.

Delightful dram, this is a dram that would look grand on anyone’s Whiskey shelf. Priced at around £35.00 it should be on lovers of Whiskies shopping list.

Up next is:-

Bearface Canadian Whisky.

This Whisky is made in Bear Country, Elementally aged by the Canadian Wilderness. 

This Single Grain Whisky is matured for 7 years in American Oak Bourbon barrels, the maturation continues in French oak red wine casks, and finally in air-dried Hungarian oak.

Let’s open the bottle and have a taste.

Bearface –  Canadian Single Grain Whisky, Triple Oak, 42.5 % Alc /vol 70cl

Colour…Toffee popcorn

Nose…Amazingly sweet and quite gentle, vanilla, sweet corn, oak shavings. 

Taste…Sweet and elegant, balanced spiciness, honey, stewed fruit, raspberries and strawberries, ripe kiwi fruit, the sweet corn still shows well, and there is a gentle waft of smoke.

Finish…Medium to long finish, vanilla, almost like a gentle Rye Whiskey.

A fine grain Whisky slightly different from Scotch grain Whiskies, but oh so drinkable. Priced at around £35.00 this is another one for The Whisky Boys cabinet.

I love the bottle with the etched claw marks on the front and the little tear out of the label.

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