Aberfeldy Whisky – 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Its the 3rd of January 2009 and this is our first tasting of the new year and all three of us are in attendance, Jim,Dougie and Nicola.

Lets get down to business and do what the Whisky Boys do best, taste and detail our comments and recommendations.

P.S. Happy Scotch Whisky tasting to all who visit our site, awthebest to all for 2009.

Aberfeldy Whisky – 12 Year Old Single Highland Malt Whisky.

Perthshire PH15 3EB

telephone 01887 822010
website: www.dewarswow.com

This lovely old distillery stands very close to the river Tay at the village where it takes its name.

Now we can get down to this evenings tastings, all the hardware, glasses,water etc are all in place, the bottles sitting awaiting the hand that tears the foil from the cork and slowly and with great respect turns and pulls the cork from container that holds the water of life. Boy do the Whisky Boys enjoy all things Whisky, especially Whisky.

We tasted.

First, as usual we did again agree on colour, a rich honeyed gold.

Jims tasting.

Nose…Clean, fruity, honey and a hint of peat

Taste…Soft, still with a hint of smoke and a background of orange marmalade.

Finish…Very pleasant but fails to linger on the palate.



Dougies tasting.

Nose…Vanilla and caramel, but with water gives the addition of honey.

Taste…Initial heather honey followed by burnt citrus.

Finish…Dry and slightly spicy.



Nicola’s tasting.

Nose…honey and rice crispies.

Taste…A pleasant honeyed fruitiness.

Finish…Sweet and very palatable.



A good tasting of this fine Highland dram, there was no surprise when Dougie took an extra tasting, and commented this is one of the reasons that Dewar’s 12 Years Old Special Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky( one of his favourite blended Scotch Whiskies) is so good when a chunk of the blend is made with the addition of this fine 12 year old Aberfeldy.

Now don’t just sit there, go onto Aberfeldy’s site and check out Dewar’s World of Whisky, its all their, its history their range of malts and blends and details of their fantastic visitor centre, and if you visit this distillery , remember tell them the Whisky Boys sent you.

One small thing is that we all commented on the packaging and the bottle, very eye catching and shows that time, money and design gave this a look of quality and allows it to stand out from some of the more mundane packaging that is out there, well done you guys at Dewar’s.

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