Case of Glenturret 10YO Single Malt Whisky – WINNER

We had some fabulous entries to the Glenturret competition, but there can be only one winner, this one had us giggling:

Congratulations LivingRoomWhisky @LRWhisky your case of Glenturret is on it’s way….

New grouse required to support label modelling and tours. Experience necessary. Must be famous and willing to travel to Crieff. #wbcomp

See below some of the other tweets we enjoyed:

  • #WBcomp The Glenturret tour, good Crieff what a famous experience to enjoy with or without friends.
  • @TheWhiskyBoys “famous” Towser the Mouser of Glenturret showed her “experience” catching 28299 mice and still stands guard in bronze #WBComp
  • @TheWhiskyBoys Enter one of the current crop of TV talent shows, be famous, no experience necessary! #WBCOMP
  • @TheWhiskyBoys Experience the delights of ‘aqua vitae’, it won’t make you famous, but you’ll meet some great people along the way #WBCOMP
  • @TheWhiskyBoys For an amazing experience visit a whisky show, you might even meet someone famous! #WBCOMP
  • @TheWhiskyBoys I’ll never be famous, but I promise to share the experience of the GlenTurret if I do win #WBComp
  • @TheWhiskyBoys Is it better to be Infamously experienced or famously inexperienced? #WBComp
  • @TheWhiskyBoys Is it better to be infamously experienced, or famously inexperienced? Better to have a Famous Experience #WBComp #readrules
  • @TheWhiskyBoys Rabbie Burns was Scotland’s best poet/He enjoyed a dram or six-of Famous Grouse/What an Experience/Slàinte mhath Tam. #WBComp
  • @TheWhiskyBoys The experience of canoeing the River Spey or walking the UK’s famous Ben Nevis are always enhanced by a dram or three #WBComp
  • A famous lad from Glenturret/Wrote his Mrs a sonnet/The lass was delirious/at the experience/and poured a big dram down her gullet #WBComp
  • A famous lass from Glenturret/hid a dram in her bonnet/Experience warned/’twould keep her head warm/so long as it’s under not on it #WBComp
  • A famous quote is “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” experience has taught me to behold-ing a large Glenturret, truly beautiful. #wbcomp
  • For the ultimate whisky EXPERIENCE make sure you follow the FAMOUS @TheWhiskyBoys check out their new table too #WBCOMP
  • I can’t be Famous and I can’t rhyme Glenturret, but one thing that can make sense, is a dram of 10yo Experience! #WBComp
  • I once desired to be famous, however I had no talent, knowledge or experience. So I became a politician. #wbcomp
  • I went up the attic to get my famous 30 y.o whisky. Whilst up there I had a deeply religious experience. It was a loft conversion! #wbcomp
  • Sip a bad dram for a minute + it feels like an hour. Savour a famous malt for an hour + it feels like a minute. THAT’S an experience!#wbcomp
  • Some famous Olympians have been approached to rig event outcomes. Any athlete with experience of this has been asked to come fourth. #wbcomp
  • There is no more famous awkwardness than the experience of being supped & asked to cough by one’s dr… @TheWhiskyBoys #WBComp
  • Two men of experience taking in the famous malts on offer at Glenturret. #wbcomp
  • Was a wee lad who was famous Lots o’ big confidens She asked ‘m to pose Wiv a ring thru ‘is nose Hesaid f*** that for an experience #WBComp
  • I lost a friend last night, he wasn’t famous but I’m so glad I had the experience of knowing him, Sláinte #WBCOMP
  • I have gladly had little experience of the famous!! #wbcomp

Thanks again to all those who took part.

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