Glen Scotia – The Old and the New Compared

The Whisky Boys have done a comparison of two grand drams from Glen Scotia, Campbeltown. 

Glen Scotia Single Cask 2016 Festival Bottling 15 Year Old 57.1 Alc/vol

We will start with the new.

Colour: Antique Trombone

Nose: The aromas were  deep and warm together with a plentiful plethora of fruit.
Taste: On the palate the fruit continues to be in charge, real maritime  flavour, salty sea breeze, quite oily, a little spice in the background.
Finish: Is fruity and enjoyably long. Another winner from the Campbeltown born and bred Master Distiller, Iain McAlister.

Glen Scotia 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, (Old Style Bottle) 40% Alc/vol

Let’s turn to the old. This bottling is from the 1980’s.

Colour: Shiny Ship’s Bell

Nose: The aromas are light smoke, vanilla spicy and a saltiness.
Taste: On the palate we have a well rounded and full bodied, spices still there, now a little fruit, still have saltiness and smoke.
Finish: Long finish, rounded and smoke lingering. A real coastal maritime Whisky.

Both Nicola and I have visited Campbeltown on many occasions and a visit to Glen Scotia is always high on our list of essential visits.

From Glen Scotia’s core range Jim’s favourite is the Double Cask and Nicolas’s is the Victoriana.

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