The Macallan 1824 Series – Launch Night

Caledonian Hotel - EdinburghThe Macallan could not have selected a more plush and luxurious surrounding for it’s launch, the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh is just soaked in elegance.

So you can image how delighted I was when I arrived way too early and had to enjoy an uninterrupted hour relaxing in Peacock Alley sipping a head exploding coffee and munching on sugary, buttery homemade shortbread – turns out this is the perfect way to prepare for a Whisky tasting.

As instructed at 6pm I headed up the grand staircase to the Pompadour Room to celebrate the launch of the new Macallan 1824 Series.  Wait… you may be thinking, what again? if you read WhiskyBoys regularly you may remember I visited Macallans Easter Elchies house late last summer for the unveiling of these 4 new drams.  However at that point only three were planned to be available in the UK, this has now changed and all 4 are now on sale here.  Gold has been available for 6 – 8 months already but Amber, Sienna and Ruby are making their relaunch / grand entrance over the next few weeks.

Joy ElliotTurning the whisky industry on its head, the Macallan are challenging us to select and buy their 1824 whisky series based on colour and the rarity of sherry casks, a tough call when we have all been told many times over the years that age matters.

Each of the 4 Whiskies will be known simply by their colour, Gold, well… is gold in colour, Amber is…. mmm orangey gold, amber. etc…. you get the picture, and the price scale will range from £36 for Gold to approx £115 for Ruby.

During the night we were all offered a healthy dram of each and Joy Elliot – Brand Ambassador for The Macallan – guided us through each whisky.  Below are my tasting notes:

The Macallan Gold | 40% | approx £36

Nose: sweet flowers, vanilla creamed rice, lemon sponge, zesty orange/lemon peel
Taste: baked apples, cinnamon swirls, light woody notes, lemon squeeze
Finish: spicy ginger

The Macallan Amber |40% | approx £40

Nose: pear drops / stewed apples, dried wood shavings, spicy fruit stew
Taste: childrens cough drops, orange rind, botanical citrus notes, lemon & cinnamon together
Finish: bitter orange

The Macallan 1824 SeriesThe Macallan Sienna | 43% | approx £75

Nose: strong vanilla, cheek watering juicy, ginger spice, plump wet raisins, drunk fruits, sharp oranges
Taste: ginger snap biscuits, blackcurrant coulis, strawberry jelly/jam, black forrest fruits, burnt orange skin
Finish: warm jelly

The Macallan Ruby | 43% | approx £115

Nose: burnt Christmas cake, singed orange rind, dark chocolate, coffee syrup, plump fat dates, russian caramels, cloves
Taste: dark chocolate, smooth spicy caramels, espresso double, hazelnuts, walnut whip
Finish: long, dark / bitter

Great launch a few VERY fine drams, looking forward to finding out how many Whisky lovers can ditch the age concern and look to the quality if the Whisky… the jury is out!


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