Welcome to the Whisky Boys

Firstly let us wish all you Whisky lovers out there a very happy and prosperous New Year (awrabest).
Thi new year we hope will bring many a new and exciting adventures for the Whisky Boys, let me detail some of the events we have coming up.

As usual we will be having many whisky tasting session both at Jim and Dougies wee hooses and maybe we will introduce an on the road Whisky tasting session or two.

The first big tasting adventure will be the webcam / internet whisky tasting with our business man friend from Winnipeg in Canada, and that should be happening within the next two week or so.

We are being inundated by requests to become a guest taster, and we see this only as a good thing, let all Whisky drinkers unite.

In mid March we (Jim & Jacqueline) are going over to the Emerald Isle, primarily to scatter my mother-in-law Kathleen’s ashes over the beach at Rathmullen (the birth place of her father). The commemorate this occasion we shall open a bottle of her favourite Irish Whisky and toast her continued journey with all our wishes and fond remembrances. As part of this trip Jim and Jacqueline will be taking Dougie and Cathy to join in this Celtic farewell which will also be their first visit over the water to Ireland.

When we leave Rathmullen Jim has promised to go via Bushmills and together with Dougie we should get a tour and most certainly a wee dram or two (don’t worry one of the wives will be driving the rest of that day) and we may also put forward some Scottish pound notes in return for the odd bottle or two of their fine Irish Malt Whiskey, this might take Jim and Dougie a couple of hours to complete all the above tour / tasting / financial transactions, but who is in a hurry.

So far I believe the highlight of the first half of the year will be the Malt Whisky and Music Festival on the fabulous Island of Islay which takes place on the last week in May, Jim and Dougie canny wait. Can you believe a full week with only seven or eight distilleries all within a stones throw of one another together with Celtic music, some may think they ha died and gone to heaven, but it is better than that.

Distillery visits, we must confess that we have visited very few recently but the Whisky Boys hope to remedy that, and visit at least six with in the first four months of the year, look out for our reports.

We hope this has wet some of your appetites for the wee dram as it does ours and on every Whisky drinkers behalf we hope to continue the good work and if you guys and galls visit any distilleries, pubs or shops that need a mention please let us know. Remember to tell them the Whisky Boys sent you.

As mentioned earlier have a good new year and may all your drams be great ones, cheers.

Jim,Dougie and Nicola, the one and only Whisky Boys.

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