Tullibardine Whisky – Marsala Wood Finish 1993 Single Highland Malt

Tullibardine Whisky – Marsala Wood Finish 1993 Single Highland Malt

Monday 7th June 2010 and all three Whisky Boys have gathered round at Nicola’s for a double tasting night.

Our first is the Tullibardine that Jim and Nicola purchased on our recent Tullibardine Whisky – Distillery Visit.

Tullibardine Distillery,tullibardine-whisky-and-beer
PH4 1QG,

Telephone: 01764 682252
Fax: 01764 682330

Email: info@tullibardine.com

Website www.tullibardine.com

This is our first venture into a bottle of Tullibardine and Nicola had all the tasting glasses and water jug all prepared for our arrival.

Let’s get tasting.

The tasting

Colour…Yellowed barley.

Dougie’s Tastingwhisky-boy-dougie

Nose…Initially a feinty plastic giving way to a sawdust and orange peel aroma.

Taste…An explosion of ginger, pepper and oakwood spices, sharp and tangy.

Finish…Dry and salty short to medium in length could be an interesting aperitif.

Score…2 corks

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Perfume and light fruits.

Taste…Whoa, too much heat overpowering spice which mask all other flavours.

Finish…Short and gone in seconds.

Score…1.5 corks

Jim’s Tasting

Nose…A little wine and perfume with some fruits, lightens up with a splash of H2O.

Taste…Not very sweet but full of spice and wood with a little citrus note.

Finish…Too short but the warm spice is the main finish.

Score…2 corks

Overall score…2 corks

We were expecting more, this was the last bottle on the shelf and we thought that being finished in the Sicilian fortified wine casks we would have got more flavour, but we did not.

While in the distillery we got a tasting of a 1988 dram and that was so much superiour than this expression.

We shall be returning to Tullibardine to purchase one or two other expressions to taste as this dram did not hit all the right notes with all three Whisky Boys.

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