Tasting Guide

Find out more about our NEW Whisky Tasting Ratings below:

1 Cork Rating

One Cork Rating

Remember there’s no such thing as a bad whisky, but a Whisky (single malt or blend) which is given a “Whisky Boys one Cork Whisky Rating”, this would not be at the front of the cabinet or a Whisky of choice faced with a nicely stocked gantry.

This whisky would be better used for cooking or to keep for cocktail mixing.

2 Cork RatingTwo Cork Rating

Drinkable and pleasant, however possibly lacking a bit a oomph and a reason to rush out to buy again.

This whisky should make it into your cabinet but maybe only buy another bottle if on special offer.

3 Cork RatingThree Cork Rating

Definitely a dram we will need to go in again and sample another age or expression.  There is a little room for improvement and it’s perfect as an every day very enjoyable dram.

Worthy of a purchase or two….

4 Cork RatingFour Cork Rating

Should be in everyones cabinet, right at the front, giving this whisky pride of place.  Enjoy this dram and ensure the bottle is replaced immediately.  A 4 corker would absolutely make your top 10 list.

Recommend this whisky to everyone.

5 Cork RatingFive Cork Rating

There could be nothing better, WOW. Packed to the brim with the most wonderful flavor.  Savor every drop.