Auchentoshan Whisky – Three Wood Single Malt Whisky

Auchentoshan Whisky – Three Wood Single Malt Whisky. (No statement of age and at 43% vol)

A Lowland malt distilled at the Auchentoshan Distillery at Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire G81 4SJ, which is on the bonnie banks of the Clyde.

This was the least expensive tasting the Boys have had to date, that is mainly due to Dougie who at Whisky Live last weekend did not require any egging on to get up on the stage and do a little bottle juggling, which of course being a Whisky Boy, he won. Guess what, his prize for this monumental feat was a bottle of Achentoshan Three Wood.

So Jim, Dougie and Nicola sat down with this bottle now opened and allowed to breathe for two milliseconds, we had our glasses poised and water jug at the ready, we delved into the wonder that is an Auchentoshan Three Wood.

What is Three Wood, well this is the accommodation that this malt has from distillation until bottling.
This spirits first abode is for approx. 10/11 years in a bourbon cask, the spirits next home is for a short period only and that is an olorosa cask for around twelve/thirteen months with its final stay in Pedro Ximenez barrel for only a period of 6/7 months.

After bottling and transported to all its outlets it is then ours.

There was a few things about the tasting that we all three agreed upon:
Colour;– a rich deep amber
Smoothness;– we agreed this must have came from the triple distillation.
When water added;- became a light honey gold in colour.
Finish;- undisputedly long with the fruitiness of the sherries coming through.

Dougie:- he thought that he could nose an over ripe dark fruit prickle, and taste a rich hazel nuttiness.

Jim :- my main taste and flavours were all many and all very delicate whispering in and out of my tastebuds but, primarily I could appreciate the benefits of the sherry cask hotels the spirit slept in.

Nicola :- who is now our apprentice taster liked it for its smoothness and easy drinking.

We all agreed that the dram benefited from a splash of the old H2O.

Well when this bottle is finished we all agreed we could not count on Dougies undoubted talent as a juggler to keep our stocks of Auchentoshan on the high side. Therefore, we recommend that you, our readers will have to do as we certainly will have to, buy a bottle or two.

This is a bottle for your cabinet or sideboard, do not keep it drink, savour and enjoy .

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