Macallan Whisky – 11 Year Old Single Cask Whisky

Macallan Whisky – 11 Year Old Single Cask Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, One of 384 Bottles.

The time is approx 7 pm and Jim is awaiting the arrival of Dougie and Nicola for a very special tasting tonight (Wed 18th Nov 2009).

The bottle that is getting opened is an 11 Year Old Macallan from the Douglas of Drumlanrig Bottling by Douglas Laing and Co Ltd.

This bottle was sent to us from Douglas Laing & Co Ltd for us to taste and review, for which we give them our thanks, but as usual our notes and tastings will be impartial and honest as is the Whisky Boys way.

Some note on Douglas Laing & Co Ltd and also Macallan will follow prior to our tasting.

Douglas Laing & Co Ltd  (

If you go to our tasting of Glen Ord which we did earlier this month, you will find some details about Douglas Laing.

But today it is a Douglas of Drumlanrig bottling of a 11 Year Old Macallan we are tasting. ( a Douglas Laing company)

The story of the Douglas ~ of Drumlanrig ~ Single Malt Scotch Whiskymacallan-malt-whisky-bottled-by-douglas-laing1

Distilled those many years ago, their selected malt whiskies have matured in a cold, dark, Scottish warehouse until sampling has ensured their specific selection. Their subsidiary Langside Distillers has worked closely with the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry on his ever increasing range of preferred cask bottling

The common interest shared by Langside Distillers and His Grace in the finest products Scotland can offer, has led to the development of the DOUGLAS ~ of Drumlanrig ~ Single Malt Whiskies. “As with our other Malts DOUGLAS is offered un-coloured and in the old fashioned manner of not being chill filtered.

More recently, the whole packaging has undergone a restyle to make the whisky as appealing to the eye as it is to the taste. The symbolic winged heart crest of the Douglas family commemorates the courage of Sir James Douglas “The Good”, killed in action conveying the heart of King Robert The Bruce on a crusade to the Holy Land. The Duke’s Drumlanrig Castle, which is depicted on the label, has welcomed many distinguished visitors from Mary Queen of Scots to the first moon astronaut Neil Armstrong, except for one – “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, retreating in his ill-faited 1745 rebellion invaded the castle with 2000 followers two days before Christmas, eating them out of house and home!

The all important information on the Malt – it’s age, bottling date, cask style, number of bottles filled etc, appears on the paper label below the “branding” label. It’s gift box carries the same Malt information which appears on the bottle – all designed to appeal to the novice and the connoisseur alike.

Macallan the name says it all.

The Macallan Distillerymacallan-distillery2
AB38 9RX

telephone: 01340 871 471
fax: 01340 871 212

One of the most popular distilleries in the world, over the last four decades Macallan has built probably the best reputation for quality Malt Whisky and is the most sought-after Whisky for collectors. Rare expressions can change hands for thousands of pounds and prices for such bottles are continuously going up. Macallan built its enviable reputation by focusing on the fact that they mature their core range in 100% sherry oak barrels. This results in a rich Whisky with a good depth of flavour. However in recent years, a new range of Macallans were launched: the Fine Oak expressions, which are matured in a mix of sherry and bourbon oak casks.

It is well worth everyone’s while to search out some of the excellent independent bottlings that are available out there, mainly in specialist shops like The Whisky Shop.

Now is the time to get on with the tasting.

Macallan 11 Year Old, Single Cask, Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, One of 384 Bottles, 46% Alc/vol, Bottled by Douglas of Drumlanrig.

Colour…Pale straw.


Dougie’s Tasting.

Nose…Sweet citrus and honey with light dried fruit in the background, with very little water added, the vanilla arrives.

Taste…Fresh, sharp, clean. Lemony spice with ginger and sea salt

Finish…Salted nuts and burnt cake. Long, lingering and very moreish.


Nicola’s Tasting.

Nose…Lots of butterscotch and vanilla galore.

Taste…Cadbury’s fruit and nut with a lovely aftertaste and tingly freshness.

Finish…Lovely, this just confirms why I enjoy a quality Speyside


Jim’s Tasting.

Nose…Light and sweet aroma of chocolate and fruit.

Taste…Unbelievably smooth a bouquet of flowers mixed with vanilla, a joy to the palate.

Finish…Medium to long finish, fresh and dry, Macallan is where it is today because of drams like this.


We all loved this smashing wee dram, what a partnership Macallan distilling this dram and the Douglas Laing Group selecting this cask for their own bottling, very well done to all involved.

In the Whisky Boys short history they are beginning to acknowledge that their is more out there than distillery bottlings, we are beginning to appreciate that independent bottlers can be very experienced in their selection of casks for bottling, providing great choice for us, the dram drinkers.

We would advise many if not all our readers who have not experienced an independent bottler’s product, to do so as soon as possible. Their are great buys and Single Malts out there.

Well The Whisky Boys are still expanding their range of Malts/Distilleries and independent bottlers and we can certainly say we are loving it.

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  1. Fikri says:

    Not to cast aspersions, but my main exieeprnce with a single malt was with Glenfiddich. My father had a thing for the 12 year old and was fussy about blended whiskies. Every now and then a bottle of Glenkinchie would materialize, but that was the sole property of the old man a sentimental favorite as he was educated in Edinburgh and undoubtedly had very fond memories. I have ordinarily preffered Bourbon, but about a year and a half ago a subordinate at work gave me a bottle of the MacCallan 18. I kept it in the filing cabnet and had a nip before leaving the office every night. Obviously, MacCallan will be my sentimental favorite! LOL

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