Method and Madness – Two New Finishes, Including a World First

Recently arrived at Whisky Boys HQ two new Whiskies from the Method and Madness range from Midleton Distillery in Cork.
Both are Single Pot Still Irish Whiskies matured in bourbon and sherry barrels, then comes the exciting bit, they are both finished in barrels that would not be allowed to be used in Scotland. Let’s now taste.

Up first is:-

Method and Madness Irish Pot Still Whiskey – Finished in Acacia Wood, 46% Alc/vol 70 cl.

Finbarr Curran, member of the Maturation Research Team at Midleton Distillery commented: “The density of the acacia wood presented a challenge in contrast to the wild cherry wood as the maturation process was much slower and required a close eye and nose to achieve the perfect balance. But it was well worth the wait.”

Colour…Burnished copper

Nose…Easy on the nose, vanilla, fresh apples, a little spice is now showing.
Taste…Elegant and rich, raisins coated in dark chocolate, cocktail cherries, deep dark and broody on the palate like brown sugar meringues, sweet and spicy, wood shavings (acacia)
Finish…Long and spicy, wood is now going into the background, I left the tasting table with a smile on my face.

A grand dram, a triumph to all at Midleton.

Limited to only 2500 bottles and available exclusively through the Celtic Whiskey Shop in Ireland from September 2019 at the RRP of €92.

Up next is a World First:-

Method and Madness Irish Pot Still Whiskey – Finished in Wild Cherry Wood, 46% Alc/vol 70 cl.

Kevin O’Gorman, Master of Maturation at Midleton Distillery said : “Since 2014, our research into maturation in different wood types has challenged our expertise and approach to whiskey-making – but none so much as our experimentations with wild cherry casks. The rare, porous wood is different to anything that we have handled before, so it has been a real achievement to create the perfect balance of flavour – the result is a world-first in Irish whiskey, with a nose of coconut fibre and ginger, a palate of fresh green herbs, black tea and unmistakable pot still spices and a long, fresh finish with prickly spice and hazelnut.”

Nose…Floral and fragrant, quite bourbonesk, wood and vanilla are certainly not hiding.
Taste…Viscous mouth feel, complex, sweet with some ginger/white pepper spice,  but wood and fragrances are well in charge.
Finish…Long and dry, ginger cake with a glass of rose tea.

This is also a cracking dram, we will need to get both of these for The Whisky Boys cabinet.

Again limited to 2500 bottles but, available in six markets, including Ireland, the UK and global travel retail, from September 2019 at the RRP of €92.

Master Blender Billy Leighton is a man whose role requires absolute adherence to consistency. But with Method and Madness he sees an opportunity to “go outside the wider bounds of tradition”. “Method and Madness is not stuck to any particular style. The door is wide open”.

Although innovation is nothing new to Midleton, Billy believes that now is the time to really go for it. “It would be so easy to sit back on our laurels. But, when you do that, you go nowhere”. “If you don’t try these things, you never find out”.

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2 Responses

  1. chivas says:

    This is one of my favourites. It blows Jack out of the water. The price is right as well. It’s on par with, or better than, most bourbons I’ve had. I’m in love with the smoke, leather, tobacco and buttered corn flavours.

  2. chivas 18 says:

    I buy a bottle of this every spring. It’s light honey character and floral notes are perfect after a long winter (of Islays and bourbon).

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