Whisky Boys – Valentine Dinner Menu

Thought I would share my Valentine dinner menu. I decided it was about time I indulged my “Old Whisky Boy”.

Whisky Boy in Love

For starter I thought we would have some of his favorites (you can tell I am keeping in his good books):

Seared Scallops on a bed of Stornoway Black Pudding

(the best Black pudding in the world)


Venison Steaks in a Laphroaig butter sauce

served with

Baby New Potatoes and Glazed Carrots


Coffee & a Malt of his Choice

As you can imagine, having indulged him with an evening of all his favourites I will then be in a very strong position to produce my list of outstanding “Man” chores that are required around the house – painting this, hanging that and of course repairing all the things that were never properly completed in the first place. So ladies take my advice and have an evening of indulging your “Whisky Boy”. You may not get them to actually complete any of the items on your “Man” chore list, but at least you will make them feel uncomfortable because you are being so sweet, thoughtful and kind to them. All quantities are based on a meal for 2.

Seared Scallops on a bed of Stornoway Black Pudding

* Three slices of bread
* 25g unsalted butter
* 6 slices of Stornoway Black Pudding
* 6 large plump Scallops (Jim prefers with no coral)
* Olive Oil, salt & pepper

For a starter I propose to make 3 Scallop Towers per person. Get your three slices of bread and cut discs slightly larger than the diameter of the Black Pudding. The Black Pudding discs should only be slightly larger than the Scallops so you may need to trim the Black Pudding (but don’t throw the trims away – freeze them and you can stuff chicken breasts on another day). Place discs into a hot frying plan with a little olive oil and fry until golden and crispy, put aside and keep warm. Fry Black pudding in one pan and Scallops in other pan. I tend to score the Scallops on both sides prior to frying in a little butter and olive oil. Fry only for a few minutes and ensure the Scallops are not over cooked.

To collate the Towers place the bread discs at the bottom, then the Black Pudding, followed by the Scallop. If you like the coral it can look really nice to crown the Towers with the golden coral.

Venison Steaks in a Laphroaig butter sauce

served with

Baby New Potatoes and Glazed Carrots

* Two venison steaks
* 120mls beef stock
* 125 mls double cream (Scottish if you can get it)
* Two table spoons (more if you prefer) of Laphroaig (Islay Single Malt 10 year old)
* 2 Large knobs of butter
* Salt & Pepper
* Baby New Potatoes
* Cantilly Carrots
* 1tbs sugar
* Parsley to garnish
* 75ml of water

Carrots – Melt a knob of butter in a pan and add washed and scrapped carrots to give an even coating of butter. Season with salt and pepper and spring the sugar over the carrots. Cook the carrots until golden and then add water and boil. When the water has evaporate the carrots should be ready. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and add to plate.

Potatoes – easy pop in pot and boil until soft.

Steaks – again easy – melt the butter (I always add a spot of olive oil to the butter) and cooks steaks.

Laphroaig Sauce – Put beef stock into pan and boil until the volume has reduced to half the initial quantity. Add the Laphroaig (whilst cooking place a small dram of this fabulous malt into a glass and sip to ones heart is content) and a small amount of butter and stir. Taste the sauce at this point and slowly whisk in the remainder of the butter and cream. Continue to check the taste and adjust according to preference. Please note that the longer this sauce is cooked the milder the Whisky flavour will be so adjust to suit your own preference.

So I hope all you ladies out there have a enjoyable Valentines meal with the love of your life.

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