The Whisky Boys Burns Supper 2009

Saturday 24th January 2009, for us, its ‘Burns Night’ round at the Ferguson household, the ‘Beastie’ is simmering away while Dougie awaited the arrival of our Jim, Dougie Bell, Mark, John and Trevor, all gathering here for The Whisky Boys Burns Supper 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of our Bard, Mr. Robert Burns Esq. These celebrations being held the world over.

The guys have all arrived on time and after all the handshaking and introductions we all sat down to the very serious business of toasting our Robert. For this occasion Dougie had kept a very special bottle to celebrate with, namely, Dewar’s Signature which has been mentioned throughout our site (just do a quick search under the name Dewar’s) This blend was the final offering from the outgoing master blender Tom Aitken (what an exceptional way to bow out).

Dougie having tasted some previously and extolled its virtues to all the gang, decided, now is the time to uncork his bottle and let them all appreciate this beautifully crafted wee dram.

The night took off with an air of excitement and enthusiasm added to the fact the only Englishman, Trevor had came fully dressed in his new Highland regalia, of which he looked the part, this gave us the full six pack, all Dougies guests including Dougie were in full Highland dress a fabulous site to behold( well Jim was).

A wee beer to activate the taste buds and get the proceedings under way. So we all sat around the tasting table glasses in hand and tongue hanging out awaiting the opening of the Signature, which Dougie duly obliged, we were all given a healthy measure and started our joint tasting and discussions on this grand blend.

Dewar’s Signature De Luxe Blend

You can find out more about this multi gold medal winner by going to

We tasted.

Colour…Antique gold.

Nose…Sweet honey an toffee apple.

Taste…Tongue tingling sweet spices and smoke with malt fighting its way through to a fabulous and well rounded climax.

Finish…Very long and lingering, showing true elegance on an exceptional blended Whisky.

Dougie was beside himself over his new best friend Mr. Dewar Signature, but we all could not disagree, what a grand dram it was, this does not make tasting other quality and de luxe blends any easier they have a tough act to follow, again, well done the boys and girls at Dewar’s

Jim had brought along a single malt to do another little tasting whilst we were all gathered there glasses rinsed out and awaiting another wee dram.

On this occasion it was a :-

Robert Burns Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Isle of Arran Distillers.




For your records this is the only Single Malt Whisky recognized by, The World Burns Federation. An impressive accolade indeed.

Once again the tasting began,

Color… Pale Chardonnay.

Nose…Light, floral perfume with American cream soda connotations.

Taste…Simple and uncomplicated, crisp with an apple and oaky dryness, a very easy dram for anyone to drink and an excellent introduction to single malt Whiskies to the novice Whisky drinker.

Finish…Fresh, clean and eloquent, a grand dram for ‘a’ that.

This was a surprise to the table and very fitting for the event we were all celebrating. The Whisky Boys think that the Arran Malts need a little more investigation and tasting, we both look forward to our next meeting.

Tasting over (but not the drinking of great Scotch’s, the night is young) it was 9pm Dougie was reminded that the meal of the evening was just about ready.

So without much ado Dougie was presented with the ‘Knobbly Haggis’ and with speech in hand, (nobbly I hear you all say! well the haggis casing burst in the pot and Jacqueline, Jim good wife, restuffed it, bless her, for the speech and the photos, look at those photos!!!!)

The menu for this evening was:-

Cock-a-leekie soup

Haggis neeps and tatties, drizzled with a Whisky peppercorn sauce.

Steak and kidney pie, mash, peas and carrots.

A grand selection of cheese’s and oatcakes.

What a feast that laid before us eaten with gusto and fervour enjoyed by all.

Catherine and Jacqueline the wives of the Whisky Boys did us really proud tonight, and don’t let Dougie tell you different the girls did most if not all the cooking, serving and clearing up, three cheers for the lassies.

The night continued with readings and songs of the Bard interrupted by cd’s of pipes and drums and all songs Scottish. whilst in the background on Dougie’s new big plasma TV screen we played (with the sound down so we could hear all the poems pipes etc.) Braveheart the movie and the other favourite Rob Roy, what a backdrop while we chatted, played pool and generally enjoyed a right good Burns supper evening doon at oor Dougie and Cathie’s hoose.


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  1. Well now ! ah ken this wee rascal and ah know he drinks yon ausie shiraz as well as the whusky . but he`s no a bad sort anyway . hee haw !

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