Cutty Sark 12 Year Old & Unaged

cutty-sark-12Attending John Lamonds Advanced Whisky Course gives me an opportunity to try out some whiskies that may not normally find their way into my Glencairn Tasting Glass.  Over the last 2 weeks John introduced the class to these two drams BLIND – he wanted our REAL tasting notes.

Created by the Berry Brothers way back in 1923, Cutty was one of the first Scotch Blended Whiskies to be made for mixing, a cocktails Whisky, it was also one of the first light coloured Whiskies to appear on the market.  For over 80 years the iconic yellow bottle of Cutty has been a firm favourite in Europe and USA, and John has now given me the opportunity to find out why it is worldwide success.

So below is what I thought blind about the two Cutty’s:

 Cutty Sark 12 Years | 12 Years Old | 40% Vol

cutty-sark-blendNose: Honey covered hay stacks, dried cereal, ball point pen ink, a small amount of gun cap, candle wax, scone dough, dried wicker
Taste: Sharp intense citrus notes, lemon honey, lemon lollies with the stick, dried wood character, sea salt spray
Finish: Dry and salty

Cutty Sark Blend | Unaged | 40% Vol

Nose: Long tall grasses, orange fondant, vanilla sugar, liquoice, lemongrass
Taste: Honied, full bodied, thick, eucalyptus, citrus burst, soft sweet fudge, lemon lockets
Finish: Dry and mentholated

Overall pretty impressed, both were well constructed and held great flavour to the end, balanced and worth a purchase.  I shall now endevour to try the rest of the range including: 18 year old, Cutty Storm and the Tam O’Shanter 25 year old.


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