Whisky Live Glasgow 2009

Well it is that time again – WHISKY LIVE GLASGOW – we cannot believe it has come around so quickly. The Whisky Boys are planning to have a Whisky Extravaganza day. The attendees at the event will be Jim, Nicola and of course Dougie and their American Ambassador Bruce Paterson from Detroit will be joining them.

The schedule is for Jacqueline, (nominated driver again) to take the party of four into Glasgow and drop them off at the designated hotel for the event. The “Boys” will go off and do what they do best – provide objective, honest opinions on their Whisky experiences, the venue for the event, the calibre of the stands etc etc . As you have all probably gathered they could talk for ever about all things Whisky, but don’t worry folks, after the event they will be blogging like mad to provide you with a true view of this years Whisky Live.

Whisky Live

Whisky Live

So as the night progresses, guess what, Jacqueline, (the nominated driver), will return to Glasgow and collect the glowing four (an assumption that a dram or two will have been swallowed), and bring them back to the cottage for dinner. The plan is for the lovely Catherine and Jacqueline to cook a completely whisky orientated meal. We will not share with you at the moment the menu, but needless to say each course (and there may be two starters) will have Whisky in the dish.

There is only two weeks until Whisky Live, so keep reading and watch out for the informative honest blogs to come.

If you are going to Whisky Live in Glasgow this year look out for the Whisky Boys, you will know them by their polo shirts, happy dramming, please come up to us and say hello.

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