Glenlivet Whisky & Aberlour Whisky – Tales from the Terminal 16th February 2009

Glasgow International Airport, Monday 16th February 2009

Hurrying as usual to catch the 17.05 flight for Heathrow I found myself with only 10 minutes to spare before the flight was called and decided to put it to good use, where? I hear you all asking, In the World of Whisky of course. Checking prices as to keep our readers informed of any bargains to be had, (see recent list on Tales from the Terminal dated 20th February for full details)

Anyway, as I was perusing the fabulous display the lovely sales assistant, recognising one of the Whisky Boys, and knowing I was an easy target for something new pointed out two additions to their range, namely The Glenlivet 15 Year Old and interestingly an Aberlour, a very pleasant Speyside. This bottle was different, as, it had spent it’s entire 12 years of life in a sherry cask.glenlivet

This lovely but devious sales expert then waved the Aberlour sample bottle under my nose, how could a Whisky Boy refuse??? As the measure was being poured, another young lady approached “is that a sample” she enquired “can I try some?” so another cup was filled and I suggested a drop of water, just to unlock the aroma and to soften the edges a little, but she declined the offer.

I enjoyed my sweet and fruity little number and look forward to a proper tasting with Jim. But my new found drinking companion thought it a bit harsh on her throat (if you or your sister read this, remember, a wee splash of the old H2O makes a big difference)

Anyway an easy sale was made, and in order to get a £10 discount, Jim was now the proud owner of The Glenlivet 15 Year Old as well as the Bruichladdich Darach Ur which he had previously requested. (boy have we got some tastings or have we got some tastings)

Look at the time! I quickly paid at the till and filled in the goods collection form. A very handy service which allows me to collect on my return on Friday, good or what eh!!aberlour

I must at this stage state, I was not last to board my flight! okay? But as I came to my seat (6F) who should be sitting next to me (in 6E) none other than my drinking partner from the World of Whisky.

So began the quickest flight to London as we delved into the realms of Whisky and drinking in general. It transpired she preferred wine but liked searching for a fine Whisky, always hoping to find one that suited her palate, to which I suggested the triple distilled Auchentoshan or a very easy Glen Moray which is a nice soft starter Whisky for anyone, in my opinion.

As our chat continued my lovely companion told me of her sister, who is trying to start a little Whisky appreciation club, how coincidental is that?  I duly produced one of our Whisky Boys cards with the hope that we may help her get started and possible join in sometime. Hope you enjoy our website sis.

As I said earlier that must qualify for my fastest flight, to date, the time just ‘flew by’ we even talked all the way to the airport exit, alas, I felt afterward like the guy in the song ‘ the road and the miles to Dundee’ as I did not even get her or her sisters names.

Well girls if you peruse our wee site please e-mail Dougie and Jim (the Whisky Boys) with all your contact details, talk to you soon, regards.

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