Whisky and Women

I don’t know if all you girls agree, but I have always been strongly of the opinion that women have greater “taste” than men, so perhaps it is no surprise that the number of women enjoying Whisky is on the increase.

The experts have suggested that there is a whole new generation of female drinkers who are open to new flavours and experiences and enjoy experimenting with combining food and Whiskywomen-whisky.

Celebrities such as supermodel Kate Moss and radio presenter Zoë Ball have also been pictured consuming whisky. There is a definite trend towards younger whisky drinkers.

Now women are enjoying malts, even the gutsy, peaty ones from Islay, which were always thought of as a man’s drink.”

I don’t want you guys to feel insecure, but I have heard women at the local Karaoke singing “Stand by your Malt”, so I think the girlies may have found something new that is warm and tasty, but doesn’t monopolise the remote control !

Beware Whisky Boys, the Whisky Girls are just over the horizon.


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