Whisky – how chilled can it get?

Three bottles of Scotch Whisky are jetting there way back to Scotland, these bottles are special, they have spent over a century buried under Ernest Shackleton’s hut in the Antarctic.

Last year they dug up five cases, which were thawed at a New Zealand museum.

The three bottles that are coming back to Scotland are:

Mackinlay Blend which is owned by Whyte and Mackay of Glasgow

Shackleton’s trip to the South Pole in January 1908 left from New Zealand and the expedition ended hurriedly in the March 1909 as strong winter ice formed over the sea. Therefore, due to his haste he left some supplies, which included the “chilled” Whisky.

So Jim has a question to ask, “does anyone know of anyone who has kept his drams chilled for longer?”

The Whisky Boys will try and keep up to date with this story and find out what happened to the case on it’s return to Scotland .

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