Advanced Whisky with John Lamond – Week 2

Week two and we are now learning about the wood, the importance of its origin and how what was previously stored in it contributes a wide veriety of tastes and aromas.  This was a VERY technical week, lots of long hard to pronouce words, but obviously 100% necessary as the Whisky makers claim that up to 70% of the flavour of our beloved whisky is derived from its storage vessel.

My notes from this weeks blind tasting follow, see notes below:

Tobermory | Aged 10 years | 46.3% Vol
Colour: Gold
Nose: apple, wicker, linen, citrus burst, bitter grapefruit, glazed sugar, salty, sooty
Palate: honey, waxy, full coated, salted toffee, black pepper
Finish: long and spicy

Tobermory | Aged 15 years | 46.3% Vol
Colour: Burnt Gold
Nose: sooty, earthy, dry sand, plump apples stewing, raisins, loaf burnt, burnt dry honey
Palate: cider apples, singed orange skins, mushy banana, hot citrus honey
Finish: long dried fruits apricots/plums

Ledaig | Aged 10 years | 46.3% vol
: Yellow Gold
Nose: liquorice, burnt crust, gammon joint glazed, damp wood, plasticine
Palate: sweet BBQ sauce, charred wood, black treacle, treacle toffee
Finish: long and lingering – mouth filling

GlenKinchie 1992 Distillers Edition | Aged 14 years | 43% Vol
: refreshers, swizzles, fizzy vanilla, violet, coconut, apples fresh, muskyness
Palate: burnt sugar, hot chocolate, marshmallows, over ripe raspberries, strawberry jam on toast
Finish: Robust and fizzy

Spice Tree | Unaged | 46% Vol
: Coffee and toffee millionaire’s shortcake, caramel hazelnut, cream soda
Nose: Daim Bars, caramel, toffees, rubber, hot tarmac
Finish: Medium smooth

Bowmore Darkest | Aged 15 years | 46% vol
Nose: Burnt fruit skins, tyre shop forecourt, syrupy burnt treacle, detol
Palate: tobacco smoke, sweet hazelnut, ashtray, sooty, almonds, fruit loaf
Finish: Medium dry

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