August Whisky Tasting in the Cabin

A couple of weeks ago we managed to get a few of our regular Whisky tasters together in the Whisky Cabin to catch up on a few Whisky Reviews.

Stuck for a theme for the night, luckly just a few days previous Tullamore Dew had sent us two newly packaged personalised bottles to review and Jim had picked up a Deanston Virgin from the newly opened visitor centre (Jim reviewed this last week).  As both of these were unaged we decided to adopt the theme for the night and below is what we all thought of the 4 whiskies.

Below are the whisky tasting notes.

Tullamore Dew | 40% Vol | Unaged

Nose: apples, sweet honey, grain, cereal spirit, butter crispy biscuits, earthy notes, pepper spice, gristy
Taste: butterscotch, granary toast, vanilla, toffee, waft of smoke
Finish: long crispy

Deanston Virgin | 46.3% Vol | Unaged

Nose: barley sugars, oily, vanilla wood characters, shavings
Taste: syrupy honied caramel, waxy, coconut hair cream, varnish, liquorice, sugary sweet
Finish: short spicy, left a lingering tingle

Bruichladdich Organic | 46% Vol | Unaged

Nose: sea air, wet lemon wood, damp air, lemon, vanilla, lemon puffs, wood lacquer, lemoncello
Taste: pear peached, vanilla, fresh wood, lemoncello, maltose, ovaltine, oily, waxy, hint of peat
Finish: medium and fresh

The Black Grouse – Alpha Edition | 40% Vol | Unaged

Nose: polythene bag, window putty, soggy toast, metallic, bitter chocolate
Taste: peated chocolate, burnt chocolate, ginger snap, chlorine/swimming pool
Finish: Medium, heavy and a little bitter

A very diverse range of Unaged Whiskies were tasted at this review, a Smokey Blend, an Irish, a Virgin Oak and an Islay Organic

I am sure you can see from the tasting notes above our palates were certainly taken for a workout…

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