Bruichladdich Tasting at The Good Spirits Company, Glasgow

It’s the evening of Thursday 3rd of May, I made my way to The Pot Still in Hope Street where I met Nicola for a dram prior to going to The Good Spirits Company for a tutored tasting by Craig Johnstone from Bruichladdich.

Nicola arrived at The Pot Still around 6 pm and she enjoyed a dram of Tormore and a half pint of Deuchars and I had a dram of Quarter Cask and a Deuchars.

We arrived at The Good Spirits Company just before 7 pm to be met by Shane and Matthew who together with Craig Johnstone from Bruichladdich were our hosts for the evening.  Just after 7 pm we were ushered into the large and bright tasting room where every last seat was taken for this sell out event.  Craig started of the evening with some introductions and a short history of how he came to be a Development Manager for Bruichladdich.

Set out in front of all the tasters were six glasses containing some wonderful spirits from Bruichladdich, which just happens to be one of our favourite Islay Distilleries.

We did not take tasting notes on this great Gin, but you can read these from our previous Botanist Gin tasting.

The Organic – 46% Alc/vol

Colour….Lemon & Limes
Nose…Toffee wafer, apple core, citrus grapefruit, damp wood, salty popcorn, raspberry sorbet & wet cardboard.
Taste…Apple & Pear drops, vanilla brulee, salty popcorn and cereal sugar.

The Laddie Ten – 46% Alc/vol

Colour….Lemon Puff
Nose…Sweet smoke, sandy, salt crackers, sweet oak and light sherry note.
Taste…Light puff of smoke, honey, chocolate buttons, raisins and vanilla pastry.
Finish…long, dry.

Black Arts III – 48.7% Alc/vol

Colour….Rose Wood
Nose…Vine tomatoes, strawberry stocks and sherry raisins.
Taste…Mint choc chip, burnt wood, toasted marshmallows, menthal tobacco.
Finish…Long & fresh.

An Turas Mor – 46% Alc/vol

Colour….Lemon Gold
Nose…Salty sea air, sandy bay, wooden beach, banana skin / green banana.
Taste…Sweet powdery smoke, vanilla sponge, butter icing, tropical fruits, mango, pineapple & coconut.

Octomore 5.1 – 59% Alc/vol

Colour….Lemon Marmalade
Nose…Formula 1 race track, sweet smoke, lemon burst, lemon sugary sherbert.
Taste…Honey from an ashtray, rubber wellies, fizzy sherbet, crust of toast, grill pan.
Finish…Medium, burnt.

Craig could not have chosen a better selection of Bruichladdich’s to showcase from this fine distillery, including the exceptional Botanist Gin, which we think is one of the finest gins ever distilled.

From some of the images above you can see Nicola was taking scribbling some tasting notes, with my help, and you may enjoy looking at Nicola’s doodles including the “wellies oot the still “.

This whisky tasting event was greatly enhanced by The Good Spirit Company’s very new and convenient tasting room, (if you taste something you like you can purchase it after -with 10% discount – from the shop). Craig’s knowledge and enthusiasm was only beaten by the humour he brought to this event.

This has just whetted my appetite for the up an coming Islay festival at the end of May.  I will be visiting Bruichladdich on several occasions that week and certainly will be there on their open day.  Look out for my review of the Islay festival, especially Bruichladdich’s open day and weekly festivities.

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