Bruichladdich Whisky – 17 Year Old Rum Cask Islay Single Malt

Just a few days before Nicola jetted off to Thailand for a weeks business/pleasure trip with her husband Scott, Jim and Nicola got together and had a wee tasting session, and on this occasion we had a special dram to taste from Bruichladdich, a 17 Year Old Rum Cask Islay Single Malt Whisky.

As our regular readers will know Jim loves all things Islay and especially the Single Malts, so Jim was really looking forward to this tasting.

This bottle was purchased at the Bruichladdich distillery in February at the request of Nicola and the bottle was signed by Jim McEwan the Production Director, and she now wants to open the bottle and have a tasting, Whisky Boy Jim gave no objections.

The Whiskybruichladdich-rum-cask-single-malt-whisky

Bruichladdich 17 Year Old Rum Cask Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 46% Alc/vol

The first fifteen years in American Bourbon Barrels, which once held Jim Beam Whiskey, the last two years being finished in Caribbean Rum Casks, and it is non chill-filtered.

The Distillery/Owners
Bruichladdich Distillery Co
PA49 7UN

telephone 01496 850221


The Tasting

Colour…Pale golden yellow.

Nicola’s tasting

Nose…no hint of spice or nippiness, smooth and delightfully sweet.

Taste…Ripe bananas with melted chocolate on the bar-b-que, yummy sweet and very drinkable.

Finish…Long, clean and very tasty

Score…3.5 corks

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Sweet and mellow. No Islay heavy smoke or peat in my glass, vanilla is in there.

Taste…Ultra smooth lip smacking creamy vanilla rum, a little tingle on the tongue, Caribbean fruits maybe even a three citrus fruit marmalade, this is a complex and
fabulous dram.

Finish…A deliciously long clean and very fruity of the exotic type.

Score…3.5 corks

Overall score…3.5 corks

Well Islay does not disappoint, Bruichladdich does not disappoint, Jim McEwan certainly does not disappoint, and Jim and Nicola just loved this dram.  The flavours were great, we cannot wait for the summer evenings to be sitting out in the garden sipping this sunshine dram.

Go out and buy a bottle say the Whisky Boys, but , it is not too easy to get as your supermarkets will not stock it, but you can get it on line or your specialist shop, or best of all visit Islay and ensure the Laddie Shop at Bruichladdich is high on your agenda and you will be able to obtain a bottle, it is not too cheap a 70 cl bottle will set you back approx £55.00 but worth every penny.

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