Bladnoch Whisky – Single Cask Malt Whisky Aged 19 Years

It was last Friday night when Dougie phoned round to Jim and asked if he and Bruce (our American Ambassador) fancied a game of pool and a wee dram, to both questions our answer was yes.

So it was about 8.30 pm on a clear Friday 20th September 2009 when Jim and Bruce popped into Dougie’s hoose.

To our surprise together with Dougie was two other guests, Dougie Bell (a previous guest taster) and Mark …………………………………………..

The further surprise was that Dougie had all his tasting paraphernalia out and a bottle of Bladnoch Whisky.

So we commenced on a journey to the borders and Scotland’s most southerly distillery.

Bladnoch Whisky – Single Cask Malt Whisky Aged 19 Years (bottle number 7 of only 181) Barrel no. 30532 Distilled 28th may 1990, Bottled 7th August 2009. 54.5% Alc/vol

Bladnoch Distillery,
Wigtonshire DG8 9AB

telephone 01988 402605


Scotland’s most southerly distillery nestles on the green banks of the River Bladnoch, from which it takes its name. Located in this beautifully remote area of Galloway, the distillery has been producing the “Spirit of the Lowlands” since 1817. The cluster of slate roofed stone buildings hold the promise of sights and smells that have enticed visitors to Scotland for many years.

Wander through warehouses steeped in the atmosphere of sleeping whisky. Experience the noise and steam of the Mash House. Inhale the heady vapours of the Tun Room. Soaring copper stills await you as you enter the Still House to watch the spirit flow like liquid crystal through the spirit safe. Meander through the distillery gardens and make your way to the Dramming Room to enjoy a dram of Bladnoch’s finest single malt whisky and appreciate our little corner of heaven here in Galloway.

The Whisky Boys would certainly recommend that you visit Bladnoch’s website and join in on their forum.

Look out for Dougie’s article on the recent festival of Folk and Jazz held at Bladnoch at the end of last month. (August 2009)

The Whisky Boys are no strangers to Bladnoch, albeit we did not do an official tasting we recently enjoyed a bottle of 15 year old Bladnoch bottled under the independent bottle label of Old Malt Cask (ps Jim and Dougie still have a bottle each in our small collection), and it was a joy.

Let the tasting begin.

Bladnoch Single Cask 19 Yr Old bottle # 7

Colour…Pale straw with golden highlights.

Bruce’s tasting

Nose..Oak, vanilla and honey and a little musky.

Taste…Full bodied, vanilla and sweet aniseed.

Finish…Long, dark chocolate and oak.

Dougie’s tasting

Nose…Rich honey with big vanilla and foostie cork.

Taste…Full bodied vanilla and wood spices with a citric dry nuttiness.

Finish…That great slightly bitter salty tang, fairly long leaving a hit of 86% cocoa chocolate.

Mark’s tasting

Nose…Tomato plant, sultana’s/raisins, greenhouse effect.

Taste…Viscous, oily, earthy but well rounded.

Finish…Dry, dark chocolate, a delight.

Dougie Bells tasting

Nose…Earthy, musty and a touch of solvent.

Taste…Robust and citrusy.

Finish…A long oily after taste.

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Fruity with a hint of citrus.

Taste…You have got to add h2o, medium bodied with an oily citrus hit.

Finish…A long clean, dry citrus finish.

Yet another great tasting session, enjoyed by all in attendance, it will be worth everyone’s while to go out there and locate a bottle of Bladnoch. It may only be the specialist shops ( and of course from the Distillery direct) you can find this little golden nugget from the Borders, but please try it will be well worth all the effort.

Remember, when you visit Bladnoch or indeed purchase the odd bottle or two remember to tell them, the Whisky Boys sent you.

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