Sold Out – Ladies Only Whisky Club!!

Last night saw Glasgow’s (Scotland’s and maybe the UK’s) first ever Girls only Whisky Club launch in Glasgow’s world famous Pot Still Bar.

Geraldine Murphy – Assistant Manager of the Pot Still – is our leader who had the wonderful  insight and drive to launch the club, the packed room and sold out membership has proven that it was a good idea.

It’s the first night and what would have been a better range of Whiskies to taste, than Glasgow’s very own distillery “Auchentoshan“, and who better to lead us in our tasting than Morrison Bowmores Master Blender, Rachel Barrie.  The night was certainly shaping up to be a great one.

With the club full we enjoyed chat, whiskies, knowledge, tales and met many like minded ladies who share a passion for whisky.

Whiskies Tasted: Auchentoshan Classic | Auchentoshan 3 Wood | Auchentoshan 12YO | Auchentoshan Valinch | Auchentoshan Coopers Reserve | Auchentoshan 21 YO | Auchentoshan Cream Liqueur

The palates around the room varied with many noses and tastes differing BUT the main characteristics of the Auchentoshans were the citrus bursts, grapefruit notes, rose gardens and in some cases the nutty after bite.  Delicious…

Can’t wait for next month, Geraldine what’s in store?

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