Ballantine’s New Spirit – Brasil

At the end of January this year Ballantine’s, the world’s No. 2 Scotch Whisky, announced the launch of a new and certainly different product, Brasil. A brand new spirit drink which combines Scotch Whisky selectively steeped with Brazilian lime peel.

Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s, said: “There is a huge opportunity for spirit drinks that are made with Whisky, as it’s an exceptionally dynamic new category that is already demonstrating a strong rate of growth. Ballantine’s Brasil is a venture into new territory for us, but we’re excited to have a product that can take advantage of this opportunity and one that can truly inspire those who have not yet found their perfect way to enjoy a Scotch Whisky drink.

Obviously this new spirit drink is aimed at the cocktail market and Ballantine’s have come up with a few suggestions.ballantines-brasil-cocktail

1. Highland Samba – Mix Ballantine’s Brasil with lemonade over ice an topped with a slice or two of fresh lime.

2. Glen Rio – Mix Ballantine’s Brasil fused with apple juice.

3. Flower O’Brasil – Mix Ballantine’s Brasil with elderflower and squeezed lime.

4. Caledinho – Combine Ballantine’s Brasil with squeezed lime mixed with sugar.

5. Glen Coco – Start with your Caledinho and add a touch of coconut.

All of these sound absolutely fabulous, but first Jim and Nicola will have a wee taste of the Brasil prior to making a cocktail.

Ballantine’s Brasil – Spirit Drink, 35% Alc/vol 70cl.

Colour…Harvest gold

Nose…Fresh and rich, vanilla pods, a citric burst of lime.
Taste…Mellow with a creamy texture to the whole palate, vanilla ice-cream with a big squeeze of fresh lime juice, feels like summer.
Finish…Slightly drying, lime lingers quite long.ballantines-brasil

The great thing about this drink is that the Whisky does not overpower the lime and neither does the lime overpower the Whisky, quite a marriage.

Now Jim and Nicola will try the signature serve, the Highland Samba.

Two long glasses at the ready, bucket of ice on the table, lime sliced, lemonade at the ready and of course the bottle of Ballantine’s Brasil.

Jim did the mixing and we sat down to sip our new cocktail.

Now we have a smooth, refreshing and delicious mix of all the ingredients, makes us both think of summer and sandy beaches. Now we cant wait for the summer to arrive in all it’s glory as The Whisky Boys are looking forward to making all the above cocktails and having our friends and family round to experience the Brasil, neat with ice or as the main ingredient in some grand cocktails.

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Well done Ballantine’s another winner, we suggest.

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