Cardhu – A New Expression “ Amber Rock “

Both The Whisky Boys like the look of this new dram, striking colour.

Cardhu is the Gaelic translation of Black Rock.

Cardhu Distillery,
AB38 7RY

telephone 01479 874635


Owners Diageo

CARDHU AMBER ROCK has been double matured in toasted American Oak casks.

Master Blender Dr Matthew Crow, who worked on the new CARDHU AMBER ROCK, said:“The Bourbon nuances that develop from the second maturation in toasted casks seasoned with Bourbon Whiskey add an even greater silkiness and roundness to the already balanced and delicious CARDHU, bringing vanilla and spice notes along with hints of oak. We are very pleased with how this has turned out.”

This new dram, Amber Rock is now part of the Cardhu family of Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whiskies which now also include a 15 and 18 Year old expressions.

This new dram is destined mainly for distribution through Whisky specialist stores, CARDHU AMBER ROCK will be available in France and Belgium from spring 2014, and more widely in Western Europe [UK, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece & Netherlands] from late summer onwards. The launch will be supported by in-store publicity, advertising and promotion through digital channels.

Lets open it and have a wee taste.

Cardhu – Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Amber Rock, 40 Alc/vol 70 cl.

Colour…The Golden Fleececardhu-amber-rock

Nose…Fresh citrus burst, sweet dried fruit, vanilla and hints of oak, smells refreshing.
Taste…A mouth filling sweetness and lovely hints of pepper and ginger spices, oak is now plentiful, more vanilla and in comes some expensive honey.
Finish…Medium to long, still sweet and mouth filling, slightly drying but the honey and the spices are now dancing.

Score…4 Corks

A delightful dram, sweetness is plentiful, The Whisky Boys will certainly be having one or thee of these in our cabinet, it is also going to be on or line-up for future tasting events.

Now, for only £41.00 this has got to be on everyone’s list as a must buy.

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