Whisky Tasting – A Great Double from Talisker

The Whisky Boys have a very enjoyable night ahead of them, the tasting of a couple of fine Talisker’s, a 25 Year Old and a 30 Year Old.  If you check our recent Distillery visit you will see why Talisker has made it into our short list for Distillery of the Year 2012.

Talisker Distillery, Carbost, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, IV47 8SR

website: www.malts.com | Owners: Diageo

Lets remove the corks and have ourselves a wee tasting.

First tonight is:-

Talisker 25 Year Old – Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 2012 Release, 45.8% Alc/vol 70cl.

Colour…Deep Mediterranean tan

Jim’s Tasting

Nose…Gentle soft fruit, dried out decking, some sweet liquorice and a puff of smoke on the horizon.
Taste…Malty, powdered pepper, a little salty, home made sugary tablet, milky chocolate. quite drying, rich and majestic.
Finish…Long and pepper spice finish, outstanding.

Score…4 Corks


Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Pebble beach, wet sand, wooden jetty, green apples.
Taste…Sweet velvety mango,Pineapple crush, peach skins, cherries.
Finish…Medium and very fruity finish.

Score…4 Corks

Overall score 4 Corks

A superb dram and a wonderful addition to the Talisker range and should be quite readily available from your specialist Whisky shop and certainly on line, take your time to search for this fine dram as the price can vary but you should pay a little of £200.00 for a bottle, and well worth the expense.

Now to open or second of the evening and that is:-

Talisker 30 Year Old – Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 2012 Release, 45.8% Alc/vol 70cl.

Colour…Rustic amber

Jim’s Tasting

Nose….Lots of fruit, some floral notes. some wood and a little bit of slowly cooked fruit.
Taste…Like the 25 Year Old some powdered pepper, orange and lemon peel,search for the smoke, there is some there, soaking dried fruit.
Finish…Medium finish with a mouthful of sweet creaminess.

Score…3.5 Corks


Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Mushrooms and sweet corn, swept out chimney, cinnamon pastry.
Taste…Sugary coffee, hot and drying, treacle toffee, Russian caramels.
Finish…Long and hot.

Score…3.5 Corks

Overall score 3.5 Corks

Another cracker from Talisker but we both agreed the 25 Year Old was the better of the two and again this expression should be relatively easy to come by either in your specialist Whisky shop or on line.

Do try to taste either of these excellent drams you will not be disappointed. Remember the other expressions like the 12 Year Old and the 18 Year Old are drams to be reckoned with, enjoy your Talisker’s, The Whisky Boys certainly did.

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