The Famous Goose – A Famous New Whisky Expression Tasted

The Whisky Boys have just received from our friends up at Glenturret (Edrington) a bottle of a brand new expression The Famous Goose, which is being launched simultaneously in Scotland and Canada this Sunday (today). We have been informed that we are just 1 of six well read whisky blogs to receive this bottling for tasting, the others are The Whisky GuyEdinburgh Whisky blog, Master of Maltwhisky for everyone, and whisky critic.

This very limited edition compliments the current range:-

The Famous Grouse

The Snow Grouse
The Black Grouse
The Naked Grouse

This new dram is also known as Branta which on the first couple of days every April migrates to Scotland and is known to prefer landing close to many of Scotland’s famous Distilleries as this goose mainly feeds on the draff from the distilleries.

This dram contains many fine grains and one or two forgotten single malts like the delightful McGonagall and the ever popular The Highland Snark plus the unknown peaty malt from the now closed Little Cumbrae Island Distillery Loofl irpa, which is gaelic for “ hidden gem “.

The Goose which this Whisky takes it’s name from arrives from Canada early April and competes with the Grouse for the position as Scotland’s number one game bird.

The Famous Goose Blended Scotch Whisky – 40% Alc/vol. 70cl

Colour…Duvet gold

Jim’s Tasting

Nose… A whiff of Atlantic sea spray, gentle heathery Cumbrae Island peat.
Taste… Smooth and gentle, light as a feather, foie gras sitting on a steak on the bar-b-que, needs only a teardrop of water to bring out its uniqueness.
Finish… Long and delicate, an elegant drink to watch the sun go down after a hard day at the office, time fly’s by when sipping this rarity.

Score…5 Corks (1st ever 5 corker)

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose… Are you sure this is a blend… wow, gentle springtime grass and flowers, honey glazed chocolate eggs.
Taste… Better than eggspected, where did the blender pluck this from, warming and cosy, melted chocolate, stuffed full of highland heather and honey blossom.
Finish… Nothing foul in this bottle, long and soaring.

Score…5 Corks (I have never given this score before… outstanding)

Overall score…5 Corks

This is by far the best Scotch blend on the market, everyone of our readers should try and purchase a bottle, as this is a limited edition of only 1412 bottles which go on sale today, you will have to fly down to your local Whisky shop and bag one now.

In the UK the recommended retail price will be a mere £14.12 and in Canada it will be a little more expensive due to their TOG tax system at $41.12 . Get down to your local Whisky shop now and let the Famous Goose loose aboot your hoose!!

This is a dram for Spring time and this new bottling will only be available every year around this time, so if you cant get one in 2012, another new release will be available in Spring 2013.

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  1. raj says:

    hahahaha, that is hilarious! Great writeup. I want one!

  2. Nicola says:

    yes it was a lovely dram… 😉

  3. jonjan says:


  4. Archie says:

    I think that it should have been named ” The Famous GOWK” !!

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