Famous Grouse – Supermarket Best Buy December 2008

Famous Grouse – Supermarket Best Buy December 2008

It is almost impossible to decide what to do in this very confusing time of year, everyone and his brother is hitting the public with discounts, bargains and limited offers, the Whisky Boys have looked around many a supermarket and hear are some of the results.

Some of the offers like 1 litre of Bells for £11.00 (a great buy from Morrison’s) only lasted a short period and at the time of writing this article, it is back up to £14.00.

Some of Morrison’s offers looked at today (09.12.2008 Tuesday) were:-

Teachers 1 litre £12.57 a saving of £5, a good deal
Laphroaig 70cl bottle £20.82 a saving again of £5 (a lot of peat for this money)
Glenfiddich 70cl bottle £20.96 a saving of £5 nice malt for the money.
Isle of Jura 70cl bottle £17.97 a saving of £6 (but go to Tesco’s and buy the Isle of Jura Superstition for under £3 more, it is for sure well worth the extra),

The best bargain at Morrison’s was the selling of a 70cl bottle of The Famous Grouse for only £9.00 (got to be cheap) this is almost the same price as there own brand 70cl bottle of Whisky.

Now please don’t think we here at the Whisky Boys Headquarters (Jims dining room) are favouring Morrison’s. All the supermarkets are having sales and discounts to equal or even surpass Morrison’s you just have to go out there and look, it’ll be worth it.

Just got the “flyer” from Somerfield put through my door and there current campaign for low prices runs from Dec 10th until Dec 30th (according to their flyer).  This “flyer” is made up of eight pages, not one of them has an advert selling a Scotch Whisky of any brand, there are adverts for

  • wine / champagne (8 ads)
  • Cognac (1 ad)
  • Bacardi (1 ad)
  • Cointreau (1 ad)
  • Vodka/sherry/Martini/cider -(all 1 ad each)
  • beer (2 ads)
  • and to put the fairy on top of the tree they are also advertisings (in Scotland in time for Christmas and Hogmany) Jack Daniels Whiskey, well, well, well Somerfield have you got it so wrong.

Now don’t forget the other supermarkets out there, the Whisky Boys regularly visit Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and don’t forget the Co-op they too will have some bargains at this time of the year .

Good hunting Whisky lovers, remember tell them the Whisky Boys sent you.

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  1. Hello – I had the honour (!?!) of spending Hogmanay 2008/09 with Dougie at the Blairs and what can I say ?? Certainly opened my eyes!

    I just had to write and let you know that I have looked at your website (as instructed!) and I think it is fab! – Well done to you… Keep up the good work. Alistair will get along sometime soon to give you the Kelt? bottle to photograph. Have a good week at work

    Jacqui xxx

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