Dewar’s 12 year Old Special Reserve, Blended Scotch Whisky

Dewar’s 12 year Old Special Reserve, Blended Scotch Whisky 40% abv

Dewar’s World of Whisky
Aberfeldy Distillery
PH15 2EB

Telephone 01887 822010 Jane will be able to help you with any enquiries you may have. This is Dewar’s web site and is full of great information well worth a look.

This month there was no competition for blend of the month, we tasted this Whisky earlier and you should read Dougie and Jim’s report on Dewars Whisky.

There are many other things to say about this blend that was not said in our tasting review, such as Dewar’s only use the finest of Scotch Whiskies at their peak and somehow or other makes them better. Dewar’s also use vintage oak casks for part of the storage process and this can only assist in the flavouring and smoothness their master blender has created.

This Dewars 12 Year Old has won many medals around the world (can we enter it in the next Commonwealth and Olympic games or would it have an unfair advantage, being so good)

Dewar’s have given both Jim and Dougie a big task, we have to now really delve into Dewar’s World of Whisky.

We have now go and taste the other blends that is produced by Dewar’s, like :-

Dewars White Label, 40% abv  The biggest selling Scotch in the USA

Dewars 12 Year Old, 40% abv  our thoughts are well documented.

Dewars 18 Year Old, 43% abv need to get our hands on a bottle.

Dewars Signature, 43% abv, Dougie has two bottles (can Jim get him to open one?) see also Dougies tale Edinburgh to London, Big Ben.

This is not to mention their two award winning single highland malts.

Aberfeldy 12 year Old, 40% abv, must get one or two.

Aberfeldy 21 Year Old, 40 abv, one will do.

Please visit Dewar’s World of Whisky and browse through their site you will, I am sure, learn a few things.
Christmas is coming and you would not disappoint anyone by giving them a Dewar’s Whisky as a gift.

Remember at all times tell them the Whisky Boys sent you.

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6 Responses

  1. diane says:

    As a whisky drinker I would be very interested to find out what is the best Whisky Drink in the world. When I am travelling, I can never seem to get a decent whisky drink unless I manage while abroad to get whisky that has been made in the UK, so I would love to know what other great whisky there are out there

  2. Jim says:

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Thanks for your comment and to answer your question regarding the best whisky in the world…. well that ultimately depends on the palate of the drinker. For example: Some of my favorites are Isle of Jura Superstition Single Malt Whisky, Bruichladdich Rocks Single Malt Whisky and for my blends, Dewars 12 year Old Whisky takes a lot of beating.

    What part of the world do you come from and what part of the UK do you vistit, do you visit Scotland? If so let me know the next time you are in town.



    PS Remember there is no such thing as a bad Whisky it’s just some are better than others. Even if you added cold tea and chilli powder to your dram i wouldn’t complain as long as you enjoyed your Scotch dram.

  3. sebawhiski says:

    viva el whiskii

  4. Humberto says:

    I adored, simply wonderful, was the first time that I drank one dewars 12 years, simply the maximum.
    approved ……..
    I that I found old pair 12 years one of the best ones, now find dewars excessively…

  5. harry mckechnie says:

    I have a bottle of dewar”s 12 year old special reserve 43% volume, and 500ml is it worth anything

  6. Rona Miller says:

    I have an unopened bottle of Dewars Twelve years old Special Reserve Blended Scotch whiskey.
    The number on the Bottle is B01615, 43% volume. How do I find approximately what year this was purchased.
    It could be from my late Dad although not sure and would like to know. Also present value.
    I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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