Blended Whisky of the Month – December 2010

Whyte & Mackay Glasgow Special Blended Scotch Whisky, 40% Alc/vol, 70cl.whyte-mackay-glasgow-special-blended-scotch-whisky1

This blend has many Old Malts that are allowed to mature in sherry butts for many months, this vatted malt is now mixed with up to six special grain Whiskies and returned to a different selection of sherry butts to finish its maturation prior to being finally bottled.

The contact details are as follows, and The Whisky Boys suggest that you check out their website for a lot of information on the full range of drams available.

Whyte and Mackay Ltd,
Dalmore House,
310 St Vincent Street,
Glasgow, Scotland G2 5RG

telephone 0141 248 5771


Richard Paterson has been the custodian and creator of Whyte & Mackay for 40 years. As a third generation in a family which has richard-paterson-whisky-live-glasgow-2010long been established within the Scotch Whisky industry, Richard started honing his craft from the age of 17. Richard is no stranger to success and is regarded as one of the foremost Whisky experts in the world.

Jim and Nicola were happy to meet Richard (The Nose) at this years Whisky Live in Glasgow.

This dram is easily available in all your supermarkets and most corner shops as well as on line at Master of Malt.

Jim usually has a bottle of this blend in his cabinet or on his shelf of easy drinking blends, and this dram deserves it’s place on every Whisky drinkers home/cabinet.

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