Blended Whisky of the month – October 2008

Stewarts Cream of the Barley I am so glad to have the opportunity to talk about one of my current favourite everyday whisky

This is an ideal whisky if you are having a party as it is competitively priced but maintains a high standard.  Unlike some of the other Whiskies within the same price range I have not found Cream of the Barley in any way harsh.

The blend was first produced in 1875 by Stewart & Sons of Dundee at their Glencadam Distillery.  To achieve the right balance in this blend Stewarts use up to 50 Islay and Highland single malts together with a dash of the Glencadam Malt, and is finished off with a smattering of grain whiskies.

Dougie and I feel that Cream of the Barley is in the top 20% of all blends and is a particular favourite of mine and an easy drinking whisky. I understand that this blend is one of the top selling Scotch’s in Ireland if not number one.

Cream of the Barley is readily available throughout the UK, is competitively priced and can be purchased easily from most supermarkets. What is your favorite blended whisky?

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