Famous Grouse – The Snow Grouse

Famous Grouse – Coming soon: The Snow Grouse

I have very little information on this new blended grain Whisky, this is a Whisky that is distilled with a purpose to be served straight from the freezer.  Both Nicola and I had a taste of this whisky whilst visiting the Glenturret Distillery, home of The Famous Grouse.

Not often does something new/radical happen in the Whiskey world but this is new.

Initially to be sold via travel/retail outlets, like airports and ferry terminals, but it is hoped that this bird will fly around your supermarkets and all good Whisky shops within the next six months or so.

Later today Dougie and I are off to visits Whisky Live and I would hope something as new as this will be on display and available for a taste together with much more details that I can pass on to you our readers.

The only other bit of news on The Snow Grouse is that the expected price of under £16.00 for a one litre bottle (maybe this is the travel/retail price) which seems inexpensive and should certainly be purchased and tasted if only for its pedigree and produced by a highly respected distiller.


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