Benromach Whisky Tasting at the Pot Still Glasgow

Last Wednesday was THE night to be at the Pot Still, not only was Benromach Whisky in town flaunting its wears but there was a Happy Murphy Burphday happening also.  The Pot Still has successfully completed its first year under the watchful eye of Frank Murphy and family. What better way to celebrate than have a top class 5 dram Scotch Whisky Tasting.

With the mezzanine tasting floor filled to capacity, Steve Rankin, from Speyside’s smallest distillery Benromach, got stuck in.  Beginning the evening with the very informative tale of Gordon & Macphail (a story I hadn’t heard before). From the local green grocers to wine & spirit merchants to Whisky makers.  Steve who is a great grandson of John Urquhart, was able to passionately tell the story about the company, family and of the longing of G&M to own a distillery and make Whisky. With over a 100 years experience behind them, finally in 1993 Benromach was purchased and after a long 5 years rebuilding the traditional distillery spirit was created.

Below are my tasting notes of the evening:

Benromach Organic | Unaged | 43% Vol
Nose:  butternuts, buttery, lemon drops, dried woven basket, dried vanilla pods, woolen mill
Taste:  peanuts, drying, tonic quinine, butter, salty popcorn, peanut butter

Benromach 10 yo | 10 years old | 43% Vol
Nose;  butter, almonds, wedding cake, bitter grapefruit, lots of citrus notes
Taste:  small waft of peat smoke, coal, butter salt, caramel smooth, cake, ginger spice, bitter chocolate

Benromach Sassicai Wood Finish | Unaged | 45% Vol
Nose:  musky, masculine aftershave scent, fresly polished new wood, young, sweet grain, pears
Taste:  light smoke, sweet corn, molassis, burnt sugar, syrup, black cherries

Benromach 30 yo | 30 years old | 43% Vol
Nose:  Clove rock, vanilla, hazelnuts, black coffee, strudel, oriental spice, Moroccan tagine, xmas spice, tangerine skin, cinnamon
Taste:  dark wood, waxy polish, brass, vanilla spice, toffee sauce, sherry Xmas pudding, spice bouquet

Benromach Peat Smoke 2004 | 8 years old | 46% Vol
Nose:  candle wax, salty sea air, drying pavement, fresh rain, metallic, black dust bin
Taste:  shellfish, sea salt, rope, wet wood, dry coal

Thanks Steve and the Pot Still for a fantastic night, both company and Whisky were outstanding…

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