SMWS and the Bon Accord Whisky Bar

After years of the Society being asked “why do you have two venues in Edinburgh and none in Glasgow – sigh!!!” Well after much deliberation and negotiation The Bon Accord and the SMWS found each other and decided they were a match.

Since last month you’ve been able to enjoy a Society dram at the Bon and all bottlings held have been personally selected by the owner Paul.   BUT if you’re an existing member you get the drams at the same price as you would at one of SMWS venues… bonus – just flash your card and you’re in.

Last night was the first SMWS tasting at the new Glasgow Venue… after enjoying a Bon Accord prepared supper we were ready to sample some of the newest drams available, Olaf and Helen were hosting:

Conifers, grasses and flowers | Cask No.  50.50 (Bladnoch) Aged 22YO | 54.1% Vol | 122 Bottles
nose: lemon puffs, pine trees, fresh Christmas tree, springtime petals, daytime floral perfume, tall grasses
taste: Liquorice chews, mint pan drops, cough medicine (honey), blackcurrant bon bons
finish: toothpaste fresh, lingering and bitter

Afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason | Cask No.  44.55 (Craigellachie) Aged 22YO | 52% Vol | 188 Bottles
nose: dusty old wood furniture, toffee sauce, strong black tea leaves, rich tea biscuits, earthy notes, salad leaves and dressing
taste: lemon and limes freshly squeezed, bitterness, toasted tea loaf, salted popcorn, lime marmalade
finish: medium and mouth drying

Sweet, fruity & rich | Cask No.  30.74 (Glenrothes) Aged 11YO | 60.3% Vol | 767 Bottles
nose: plum jam scones, cherry wine, fruit slice cake, black cherry gateau, prunes / dates, cadbury’s fruit and nut bar
taste: kirsch, plump cherries, blackcurrant jam, banana and toffee cake, coffee syrup, faint sulphur note but sweet
finish: long and very juicy

Milano salami and a tropical fruit kabab | Cask No.  66.36 (Ardmore) Aged 10YO | 58.2% Vol | 702 Bottles (SOLD OUT)
nose: chorizo sausage, charred gammon steaks, barbecue sticky thick sauce, sweet tobacco (pipe), Scottish dumpling / fruit pudding
taste: frazzle crisps, lavender soap, fragrant dried flowers, warm fruit pudding, cooked ham or bacon, lit cigar smoke
finish: long and ashy

Barbecued pork on rosemary skewers | Cask No.  33.121 (Ardbeg) Aged 8YO | 59% Vol | 243 Bottles (SOLD OUT)
nose: sweet peat, crunchie bar, bouquet of dried herbs, curry herbs, mouth watering, bubble bath, fragrant and soapy
taste: bandages, clove cigarettes, black dirty old coal, vanilla, ladies floral soap, a little citrus bitterness, salty beach air
finish: long, floral and sweet

The big outturn just released at the Society is a belter and I have yet to taste one that I don’t love… outstanding drams.  My favorite of the night was the 33.121 – Barbecued pork on rosemary skewers – Ardbeg.

Now officially launched and more than capable of being the Glasgow home of the Society, get yourself along and try a few single cask, single malt, Scotch Whiskies.



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  1. bifter says:

    As a member it’s great to know that I can enjoy SMWS drams in Glasgow now! I agree the bumper Xmas outturn is fantastic. Of the 10 or so I’ve sampled these were my faves (and bought the Glen Ord as an extravagant Xmas present to myself):

    77.29 Marmalade, Cornflakes and Bagels
    25 year old refill bourbon hogshead (Glen Ord) £83.90

    53.173 Glowing Embers on the Tongue
    16 year old refill sherry butt (Caol Ila) £59.50

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